Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have no title for this.

Well friends, countrymen I don't really have too much to post. That sentence was so lame sounding- I almost want to heckle myself! But I did have a powerful experience in the MRI yesterday. I felt prayers. Big time. So thank you so very much for the constant feeling of peace and even joy I felt in what could have been a somewhat uncomfortable ordeal. I mean it was a closed MRI and felt very "tomb-y". I kept my eyes shut and had a wave of memories of my dad to occupy my brain as well as some one-on-one time with the Lord. So if it took an MRI to have that then I'm glad for it! I don't have the results yet, but we will see the neurologist again tomorrow.

We saw the eye surgeon today- the new one- thank God we found someone here in Houston who has confidence and experience to handle my googly eyes! He even said we should leave the right eye alone until it goes haywire. So looks like I'll just have to have 1 surgery now since he can take out the lens and put a new one in. It's amazing what surgeons can do with technology. The new lens won't last but 10-15 yrs but I will be able to see again out of left eye which is AWESOME! Praise God!

And now for low-brow humor with Gillian: My favorite part of today, besides some person belching loudly in the waiting room, was when my doctor said "So your right eye seems to be holding up, while your left eye isn't working worth dookie." Yes. Dookie. I'm a simple person. I have a 2nd grader's humor at times. I cannot help this.

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Callie said...

praises for the good news!!!