Friday, May 17, 2013

A Bidding War & The Best Salsa of all Times

Apparently, there's some sort of bidding war happening in our neighborhood.

I guess I better back up and explain. We are putting our house on the market soon in an attempt to sell it and get a home that might accommodate a growing (God willing) family. And I felt really weird typing that. Like presumptuous and stuff.

Like I'm so bold to know what God is telling me? Or leading us?

What am I a dolphin? DO I HAVE A DORSAL FIN!?!? Ace Ventura fans? No? 

I did hear a lady on the radio say that as long as we are seeking God's will then we are pretty much in line with it already. I need to exegeses that when I stop looking up what the word "exegeses" means.

She also recommended to pray that God would "lead us in paths of righteousness." So I'm trying to do a little of that too when I remember.

How come everyone else thinks of these things when they pray? I pray stuff like:

"Lord, please don't let me sweat or say something horrible and stupid- horritupid- ha ha that's funny, I'm hungry. Amen."

Whatever. I do know that praying back Scripture is a good thing.

So we are almost done "depersonalizing" our home to get it show-ready. And I have heard things.

Things such as:

Houses in our area are selling in less than a day.
They aren't even on the market- there's just a sign in the yard.
AND people having bidding fights over prices- as in offering more than the sellers are asking.
AND they be paying in cash.

So, does that mean drug dealers are buying these homes? Dangit.

We can barely buy Leelah a dress or a stinkin' bag of mulch with cash- we do cash only because we are Dave Ramsey folk- but crap. And no, we will not be paying cash for a home. That's in the future. Just like Dippin Dots.

I have pledged on Facebook- so that's totally legit- that I will NOT complain at any point during this process of selling and buying a home. It really bothers me when people complain about home buying/selling- there are people that are homeless and people that would love to be in such a place to buy a home or rather, even set foot in a home like ours.

Can you tell that I probably annoy the everlovin' spit out of my husband??? I annoy him I'm sure because I always bring up the destitute, but I can't help it!

"But in all things I will pray with thanksgiving (and that stupid way I do as aforementioned)...."  So that is the mindset I'm taking.

Some people are telling us we are nuts. I agree. Just once though I would like to do things the normal way. But normal for us is not having to pay for 2 houses at once, unlike every other Katy-ite. So alas, we might take up trainhopping.

If we don't sell or the door closes, then at least we will have a cleaner, more streamlined home. Right?

And maybe I should stop telling people how great our school is? Shutup Gillian!!!!

So, no. I will NOT tell you what the best salsa ever made is and where you can find it! You can't make me!!

I will say that it is so good, I bought 3 jars recently. 2 for me. 1 for a gift. I have since opened the gift salsa to enjoy for myself. I don't like that side of me, but there it is. 

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