Friday, April 26, 2013

I like to eat at Bombay Grill!

You like Indian food?
I do. Well, if you count Chicken Tikka Masala as Indian food, then yes! I also like naan. And now you know the extent of my Indian food knowledge.
in my defense, that CTM is so good I don't have time to try anything else? Why improve on perfection!?

So far, we've tried:
Kiran's near 6-10. It was good. It was expensive. It was good and expensive.
Mantra on S. Mason. It is good. It is fairly priced. It has pretty atmosphere.
But our most favorite...
BOMBAY GRILL in Richmond, TX.

Bombay Grill It's family run. It's DELICIOUS!!!! And you must go there and become one of us. Do it. Today.

We like to to-go-it.
For Leelah we like to order the Chicken Pakora- might misspell that...

Oh CTM. You are the best.

And in case you don't believe me... Check out their Urban Spoon reviews.

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