Monday, January 21, 2013

Yo! Reading is 2 Legit 2 Quit!

I'm starting to get serious on the silliness of this blog, and by that I mean I'm featuring things now. Things I love to talk about incessantly- I'm gonna FEATURE IT!
 BOOKS- FEATURE IT! All of my favorite books for: life-changing, parenting, best ever books made ever, and current reads are listed- just see the "I've Got a Book for That!" page at the top.

FOOD- FEATURE IT! (I'm kind of known by all of 3 people for an obsession with trying new restaurants and loving or hating them. If I try a new restaurant because you are too chicken, and I love it- guess what? FEATURE IT!)

MOVIES- FEATURE IT! (Coming soon).

PARENTING- FEATURE IT! (Okay, wait a minute. I'm not that great at this, but any little dealy that we have found to utilize and it works or if it doesn't and all that I'm gonna- you got it- FEATURE IT!)

 That's pretty much it.

By FEATURE IT I mean I'm gonna add it to my tabs up top ya see as pages. I will try something new, post about it and then add it to my list on the pages. So come back take a looksee if you are looking for books, food around Houston, Movies, or if you want to laugh at my parenting foibles!

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