Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pink Army

Not gonna lie which is always true for this blog, this week's been hard.

Nature Camp was such a gift. So very thankful to the Lord for that little adventure for my animal-crazy daughter. She came home covered in dirt and smiles every day. She lived up to being what I call a "Dirt Princess." The time I spent while she was at camp in Starbucks was my own little social experiment and I ate that up. I wonder what all those people in the leather chair circle will do without me studying them next week? What a life of leisure they have and don't even know it probably. Hope I'm not being judgey.

But all those fun deterrents aside, the enemy stepped up his game last week and brought so much doubt into my heart that I almost forgot how to fight back the siege. The Word. Prayer.

Thank you to some very special people in my life my Inner Circle of Prayer Mavens, because I was broke down. I was even questioning hosting our precious students from China again. They arrive in a week. So I had 4 ladies talk me down and back into God's grace. Thank you Jesus.

His strength is perfected in my weakness. His grace is sufficient. And when I get befuddled I remember that I'm so silly to be fighting this fight like I'm alone. That battle's already been won by Him. And God reminds me that we have to keep strong and keep assembling our Pink Army.

The Pink Army is our sweet little Lovely Girls Club.
An army who's mission is to bring light and lovely back into the world and stand up against the world's message of girls striving for worthlessness. This little army wears bows and dresses (and in my daughter's case wolf graphic t-shirts).

Our prayer is this:
That these precious girls will hear and believe in their worth, which is Jesus. 
That they know they are LOVELY! They are His! 
They will see that they do not belong to this world and all it's trash, but that they are each princesses.
That as Christ followers, we will be putting our hearts where our mouth is and we will serve.
We are going out of the comfortable bubble and we are seeing the reality, the sick, the tired, the forgotten, the poor, the destitute and we are showing them love. 
If we say we believe the Good News, then let's BE THE GOOD NEWS! 
That our little Pink Army be MIGHTY for the Lord! 
And protected as we go forth to bring light into the darkness. 

We have 18 Little Lovelies as the members are called.
We are forming ranks.
Get ready world. Your message has no place for our girls!

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