Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Normal for the Nichols- Nature Camp

The Nichols do Nature Camp!
So what Gillian, everyone at one time or another does Nature Camp. Yeah, but do they blog about the foibles in an attempt at humor? Probably. Shut it. Who asked you anyway sarcastic inner-person?????
Yes, it's 7:24 am and I just had an inner argument typed out.

So I sign my kid who loves all things exploratory and dirt (animals, bugs) up for this camp at this Sanctuary where they normally hold a fun little dealy called, The Titmouse Club.

Pause for laugh.

Still pausing depending on what grade you are in. I'm mentally still in middle school so I'm still laughing.


Sigh of completion.

So this is not the Titmouse Club. I've always wanted to take her to that, but I've had a bunch of eye surgeries, blah blah blah, couldn't drive the distance, waah waaahhh. So when I heard about this Nature Camp in the summer from a random Grandmother at the library, I was like:
This is it Gillian! The way you redeem yourself for all those years of lost coolness to your child! Beg your husband for the money and sign her up!!!! 

Yesterday Day 1 of Nature Camp.
  Oh it's in Memorial by the way. For those of you Houstonians, you will definitely get this.
Memorial is a blog post unto itself. It's nice. Trees- not med center equivalent, but nice. Nice shopping. It has it's good schools. But don't go out of that bubble lest you want to be stabbed. And people think they are kind of a big deal there. And, they are. I'm telling you. You don't just move there, it's like a legacy kind of deal. Cinco Ranch you can move in, raise your family, eat at Chick-fil-a whatever, no one bothers you with "Oh do you know The Patterson's?" to validate that you've lived there 20+ years- i.e. Legacy. In Memorial it's Denalis or nothing. But father, I want a vintage Broncooooooooooo!!!!!!! You're so lame for not getting me that!!!!

We lived on the extreme outskirts of Memorial. Please don't ask. I'm still in counseling.

So back to Nature Camp at the Sanctuary of Memorial (Titmouse Club).

I pull my CR-V in and my tire light comes on. AWESOME! Right before I'm about to pull in mind you to RockTownBumpsVille, USA. Maybe, Big Red was trying to tell me that I was going the wrong way? I was.

Leelah and I enter this log cabin with NO signage- first clue. They were having a pump up meeting. I get quasi yelled at by a chick who looked like Gidget and I wanted to like her hair, but couldn't after she had made me look stupid. I made myself look stupid, but you get it. I pray for self-control and for the Redemption of my Coolness to come back and then this sweet older (maybe at one time European?) lady who's totally a docent of this guild or something helped show us the way.

She asked if I had read. OF COURSE I READ IT THAT'S WHAT I DO TO AVOID YELLINGS READ EVERYTHING!!!!! Calm. Calm. We leave the wooded area and proceed to the church next door (MDUMC) parking lot to wait with Memorialites.

How can you tell a Memorial kid? They are holding paper bags that read: Whole Food Market, Everything but Water and my favorite, Pappa Bros. Steakhouse. Awesome. At least I had made the snap decision to use her backpack from school and not the target plastic go-to sack that really holds up for multi-use.

So we stand there and I start chatting it up with cute kids. They are presh. Leelah is borrowing herself into my inner thigh from shyness.

And then the sweet teacher comes out and Leelah runs into the woods with her.

Once I pick her up- well John the man picked her up on a lunch break- he's the best. She wouldn't stop talking about all the fun she had. Totally worth it. She also claimed to have "fell off a bench and almost into a river." So glad to see she carries the Nichols Name with pride.

Now we shall see how Day 2 of Nature Camp goes....

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