Thursday, June 7, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance?

Me, no. I'm a spaz and I own it.

But God has given talent to some of my family in that arena that's for sure!
So I have these cousins.
They are young.
They are beautiful- inside and outside.
They have PRECIOUS smiles that induce smile contagion.
They are both people that illuminate a space. Like sunshine. 
So sweet.

And they can dance!  No, I mean, like really dance. As in, God given talent.

My heart is full of a momish-distant-cousinish kind of pride!

One of them is dancing her heart out for the University of Oklahoma on their Pom team/squad! We used to play at family get togethers and such and I've always treasured her sweet heart and her brothers- although they would probably barf if I told them that. And beauty, I mean! Get out! Is that weird?

And since we are on the subject, does it totally melt your mind when you haven't been around a cousin for a long, looong time and then you see them in their grown up version??! I'm so not cool when that moment of my awareness of their adulthood happens. I totally fall apart and say all the stupid things you shouldn't say and totally weird them out. Anyone else do that too?

My other cousin- I'm not sure if she is technically? She is my Grandfather's Sister's Granddaughter? My Great Aunt's Granddaughter. I will be honest, we've only known each other through Aunt Jan's fridge photos. But, even through that, I knew how adorably special she is! I was always like, wow, she is gorgeous!

Well her name is Audrey Case. I don't like to blast out family's names, but you're going to hear her name anyway because she is a contestant on SYTYCD! Please join me in cheering her on as she uses her talent that God gave her. And please pray for her protection and for God to use her story for His glory!

Here is her audition from last night's episode of the Atlanta tryouts.


Ashley S said...

That's so cool! She's super cute too! And I love your new blog look (background, header, etc.). It may not be new, but I read blogs in Google Reader, so I usually don't see the backgrounds. Cute "cousin"! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute! We've never met, but I too am one of the okie Privetts (my dad did not use the e).
thanks for sharing....Rita Privett Kopycinski (Carl,Jan & Wilma's 1st cousins)

Angelene Miremba said...

What a dancer!! That was incredable. Way to use her God given talents.