Thursday, June 21, 2012

Professional Reject.

I've been to Tennis Camp. Twice.

Both times, I circled "intermediate" as my skill level prior to attending.

Both times, the instructors/leaders of camp demoted me- each day- until I was with the 10 yr olds on a concrete/grass court.
I was in high school.
Yes, I still had my freaky rare eye disease that caused me to have trouble focusing.

I have trouble focusing and I went to tennis camp.

Tennis. Where a ball the size of a small orange can travel 90 mph.

I did get an amazing tan those summers. Honestly, it didn't faze me.

When I was, oh about 6-8 yrs old, I couldn't swim.
So my mom signed me up for swim team.

The entire swim team- the Barracudas- watched me on the first day as I "swam" a lap. In case you are macabre and want to know how that turned out- I stopped halfway to stand up to breathe.

I was kindly shown the corner where the 3-4 yr olds were being taught basic floating skills.

Right now, myself and a loved one are living out of the bubble. We are at Tennis Camp.  There are 90 mph oranges flying at our faces, aiming for our disconnected/connected ocular lenses (Well, mine.).

We're putting ourselves out there, as they say, but this time we are praying up.

We've both been told no in our Tennis Camp scenarios. But, we've decided that since we've prayed up prior and during these aren't really the authority's "no's" but rather God's no's. See, if He wanted us to have or do whatever, then He'd make that happen. No doubt. So obviously, it's not for us.

And that's fine. I realized something whilst driving:

A No is just God's way of handling my decisions. Sometimes rejection just makes things easier.

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