Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ya Down With B & B's ?

What you think I should give up on Naughty by Nature? No way! No how!
So the Narnster and I took a little getaway to literally getaway on Spring Break and we CR-Ved on down to Gruene. Maybe it was in the up direction, but in Texas you say "go on down to HEB", shoot you'd say "Ya go down on that hot air balloon trip?" Digress.

It was really relaxing.
EXCEPT THAT THE BED AND BREAKFAST WAS ABOUT 300 YARDS AWAY FROM RAILROAD TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really got schooled, because I had NO idea that America still used the rail system as much as it did.
Listen/read good:
The. train. came. every. hour. even. through. the. night. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!? Night trains. Similar to My Cousin Vinny, but more like Blues Brothers-

John Belushi: "How often does the train come?"
Dan Aykoyd: "So often you won't even notice."

Oh we noticed alright. But okay, so there's a loud train coming. That's Normal for the Nichols. If we had a Reality Show that is what I would call it: Normal for the Nichols. That crap is always ALWAYS happening to us. At least it's interesting and funny and not boring which is death.

So we had the trains. But alas, there was also a scrapyard nearby. SCRAPYARD. Where they apparently are very clumsy with their gigantic metal scrappage, because we constantly heard booming. BOOMING - JOHN WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

I asked that on Day 1 of our 2 Day ordeal- I mean getaway- and finally on Day 2.5 he answered, "Oh that booming was that scrapyard I saw."

You've got to be kidding. That's what I get for putting all my eggs into this vacation luggage. But the food was great. The company was hilarious. The scenery was pretty and the weather was FANTASTIC! Not too hot and not too windy- perfection. I abhor wind. I mean I've cancelled playdates solely on the fact that there was heavy wind going on. Shut it down, there's wind I'm done.

So here's some pics from the trip. They're sweet and Texany. Oh and yes, we ate at the Gristmill, twice. And did a lot of 'tiquein and even visited a Railroad museum (well come on). And had some ice cream. I had forgotten how good just straight up Blue Bell chocolate is. Glad this trip rekindled that. And I'm glad I had my honey bunches of oats there by my side. I like him in his Angela Lansbury glasses.

And again with the Wisteria- it was GORGE!!!!

Major thanks to Nana for watching our little one. She even did the dishes- how sweet is that? Leelah adored her coming over!


Leigh said...

Love this post Gillian. So sorry about the trains, but did make for a funny story. :) Will be in touch in a couple months (when Annabelle fills out and is more of a cutie) for scheduling a family photo shoot. Yay!

The Nichols Fam said...

Oh Leigh, I would absolutely adore photographing your beautiful family. Can't wait!