Thursday, March 29, 2012

Must Living Keep On

I'm sinusitis/laryngitis zombie Gillian again. But instead of Brains, I crave MINI EGGS. Actually, I don't think my throat could handle those right now.
But sick-talk that doesn't involve hospitalization is boring, so I'll move on and just tell you what I've been up to lately in random order.
-Being a Hot Mess (That's just me)
-Challenge Cubed (Don't ask!)
-PTA Stuff (Me, in the PTA? baahahahhahahahahahaaaaa LOL! Oh golly.)
-Building my website for my photography business (metatags and sitemaps boyyeeeee)
-Snapping Pics for said photography business (cute people and cupcakes)
-Going to Floor & Decor (6 times- we're all bff's now)
-Reading Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey (Love it!)
-Seeing Hunger Games with Husby (There was a nailbiter to our right that I wanted to harm and a big time choad teenage boy with his date that he would tell how awesome the assault scenes were in Girl with a Dragon Tattoo- I KNOW, I WANTED TO SNATCH HER UP AND HER CELL PHONE AND CALL HER PARENTS AND TELL THEM WHAT SCOURGE OF THE EARTH SHE WAS WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, I didn't see that trash movie that Scourge-Choad Boy was speaking of)
And while I'm on the subject, thoughts about the HG movie:
-They mis-cast President Snow. Totally missed the mark in my opinion. Loved Jennifer Lawrence. The actor that played Peeta had to grow on me. What about her styling team? Would have loved to see more of them. Stanley Tucci, as always delivers. Elizabeth Banks kind of stole the show for me.

And as of Monday morning say goodbye to our Pit of Despair, aka no-master bathroom shower for over a year...

We are getting a new shower, flooring, Leelah's shower, etc.
I say this as a praise. Thank you Lord! We have been waiting on these things for so long and we are thankful that He gave us the patience to wait so we could pay cash for everything (tax reFUNd!). What a blessing! After pics are coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

I agree about miscast of Snow. I pictured Malcolm McDowell as President Snow. Although Lesh said when he read the book he did picture Donald Sutherland so, there you go. Yeah for new showers and floors! Can't wait to see pics!