Monday, February 6, 2012

Too Much Tawdry!

Yep, missed both segments (Things that bring me joy and Frugalicious Friday) last week and honestly don't have a very good excuse. And I'm not so foolish to think that anyone would care about it anyway. I would like to say it's because I've started attending a new Bible Study with the hubby called Masterlife and that is where I've been spending my time since that would make 4-5 studies I'm attending, but no that is not the reason. Sinuses. Will you accept poor sinuses? What? You don't care anyway? That's why I love you.

But I just have to get this out.
Can someone please help a mom out and just stop the all the tawdry yuck yuck in our media? No. It won't stop because "It's just the world we live in." And I'm just as cliche as that saying is: a mom who is tired of the sexual/distasteful onslaught our families face constantly. Way to be original, Gillian.

Lately I feel like I'm just constantly shaking my fist up the air saying, "STOP IT!!!!!" or "PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!" or "This makes me sad." It does make me sad. Doesn't it make you sad?

Doesn't it really bum you out that you can't even let your 5.5 yr old watch the Superbowl commercials because heaven forbid a godaddy commercial will come on only to let her watch a M&M's commerical and then realize it's about the seemingly safe for young eyes candy, but that candy is stripping! Yes, candy stripping - not candy striping totally different. Come on M&M's!!!!! You were the safe option!!!!

Dang it people. What happened to the fun Juicy Fruit waterskiing or Energizer Bunny or hilarious Pepsi commercials?

We just turned the whole thing off. We don't have DVR and we shouldn't have to have it to protect our little ones eyes. And no, I'm not sheltering my child. She goes to public school and told us during dinner that some boy on the bus told her how to kill people. "WHAT!!!!!????" I asked while John simultaneously asked, "HOW?!" Spoiler alert- you "strangle them until they stop breathing". Great, my kid now knows about strangling. Thanks a lot. Fun dinner convo.

And I'm on this whole 21 days of No Complaining kick, and I realize I'm straight up complaining cliche-ingly. Forgive me.

I realize we are all in this together as parents and have been in this for centuries. I know alright!!!

When you go to a grocery store and you notice a cosmo mag has been turned around- that was me and I'm not sorry.

If you see us move to another table because you're a teenage girl talking about what a hot _______ some other girl is at Denny's - that was me and my family and I'm not sorry.

Yes, manager at Academy I did tell you to tell the buyers to stop buying our little girls string bikinis. I'M NOT SORRY!

It's not okay.

And I am a lifetime member of P.O.O.P. "People Offended by Offended People" and I'm still just saying, this should not be the norm. Please don't think it's the norm.

Totally have constructed a soapbox and am yelling off of it, but one more thing.
We went to a high school play to watch Oklahoma the other night. I had no idea what that musical was about. I grew up seeing My Fair Lady and Annie Get Your Gun.
Here's what I told my kid prior:
It's about cowboys, cowgirls, living on the land, farms, and it has great songs!
What I should have told her it was about:
Pornography and men who are addicted to it- (Jud's character), men singing about monogamy and hating it, women singing about "Can't say no" to sex and hating monogamy, cussing (on the light side but still there), actual hay in hair from rolling in the hay, oh and a knife/gunfight (kind of okay with that b/c it is a western).
A. HIGH. SCHOOL. PLAY. Albeit, full of talented kids, but yuck!!!
And I'm the idiot for not researching beforehand? Should I be though? I'm the idiot?
I called myself an idiot by the way.

We always use the Plugged in App or check online at PluggedIn before we go to a movie and I think that helps. Highly recommend this. But they don't have it for high school plays of course! Now, I know to research beforehand or just skip altogether.

Look, I pray I'm not coming off as a Judge-a-holic here, and I'm the first to admit my imperfection and at times, hypocrisy, but I just want us all to understand THIS IS NOT THE NORM FOLKS! When you can't let your kids watch anything network, that is not okay or you can't just let them practice reading while you check out at a store for fear they won't think that word is 'organism'. Or you can't leave the station off of 89.3 KSBJ (Thank God for that station). It's terrible.

I am now one of those moms and you should be too! But the whole thing is: forget the immorality because that is debateable (it shouldn't be but it is), it's not quality t.v., music, or reading anyway. It's Tawdry: "Showy but cheap and of poor quality". You can be funny and not curse or be crude- have you ever heard of The Cosby Show? I rest my case.

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Agree agree agree! Well said!