Friday, February 10, 2012

Frugalicious Friday No. 17

Watching, and by watching I mean living for, Downton Abbey has made me realize something: back then they took care of their clothes to save money. That period of time probably didn't allow for them to run down to JCP and pick up a gown for their fine dining engagements. Their clothes had to be made.
Notice in so many scenes that the house's staff are always at the table doing one of the following:
1. Arguing or baiting each other into giving up information.
2. Eating
3. Reading, but only if they are lazy, i.e. Ethel
4. Smoking- DGMS.
5. Tailoring/Repairing clothes.
They are always busying themselves with this.
Yes. I realize this is a fictionalish show and I've already talked about it once before.
But this brings up a very good frugalicious point.
Fix your clothes before you purchase new ones to save money. If you're like me you might be thinking, "Girl, please! I buy my stuff at Old Navy and Targie and once that stuff is done- it's toast!" Sometimes that stuff is salvageable, like say if there is a stain. Check out the links below.
I don't go too trendy. This is a personal style pref. Plus I think that if you are always on trend, then Honey, you better be bankin' to afford that mess.
If you are like me and your daughter has a fine collection of Circo brand that she outgrows every 2 weeks- always length wise and never in the tummy tum, then please check out these blogs' easy tips on upcycling clothes or try this out.
I promise it's easy, or I wouldn't be promoting it. I'm craft lazy and it has to be easy!!!!
Or if you are a "smockaholic" and love having your daughter wear those precious dresses- take the hem out when they grow up and keep on keepin' on. Watch how to do that on youtube- that website will teach you anything.
Why not stop that madness and update your kids' clothes to save some dollarage?
Also, another tip:
just applique over the pumpkin/tree/heart/flag of the shirt to re-use as a shirt that is not holiday specific. That has worked pretty well in the past.
And for Mommy's shirts.
Of course, another trick I like to employ:
Same shirt, different necklace. Accessorizing never hurt anyone.

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