Friday, December 30, 2011

Frugalicious Friday No. 14!

Tough Decisions.
Not really tough per se. But sometimes the toughest stuff is in the day to day decision making (wow, what breakthrough thinking Gillian!).
John and I had the blessing of time to ourselves this week and when you rarely get just time together during the week it is almost overwhelming to choose from all the options.
Overwhelming in a good way.
But there's this thing called a budget that we strive to adhere to and that helps!

So we came up with some date tips so we wouldn't go hog wild. Maybe these can help some other couple out there like us who trying to pay off debt and not go insane from lack of fun in that journey...

1. No sit-down eating! Meaning, a place where you have to tip. Thankfully you have more options these days: Freebirds, Mission Burrito, etc. where you can avoid the cost of tipping a server. Sorry servers, but you understand, right? And we like to frequent places where if you frequent them enough you can totally score free stuff- i.e. Freebirds. I can't tell you how many free burritos I've eaten... However, we did splurge on Chili's, which might seem like a deal, but only if we can eat for under 30 if we are going to sit down.

2. Do you REALLY want to see that movie? Or is it a renter? We were all ready to Cinemark it like it's hot with free drink coupon in hand (sign up for weekly email coupons for concessions via and it just hit me: I don't really have to see this movie. Just because we had the time we didn't necessarily have the cashola to spend on a movie. Well, we did actually but we are saving for a will (I know I say that all the time). So instead, we discovered that it was free day at the Art Museum and if you don't mind parking in a far away, albeit free, parking lot then you are good to go!

3. Figure the gas costs! I've said it again, but it bears repeating for all the Aggies like myself out there- you might think you are saving in not buying a ticket somewhere or spending, but don't waste that momentum on gas! It does help to have a fuel-efficient vehicle though! :) Hooray for Hondas and Toyotas!

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