Saturday, September 3, 2011

So Easy Even an Aggie Can Do It!

Wait, Longhorns, stay with me please. I won’t go all SEC on you promise!

Did you know that a pig was seen in flight somewhere over Delaware because ThreeNicholsTwoCents got asked to do a product review! Good thing too because I have been waiting to be officially asked for my opinion for 30 years.  

Here’s the deal, I would never, ever recommend or review something a mom like me couldn’t afford or use a service that wasn’t all about providing great customer service and ease of use. I just wouldn’t- ew!

The Product & Service: a 14x11 photo to canvas print from and it was really sweet timing, because I have yet to join the print your photos on canvas bandwagon because I am a Frugalicious girl on a budgy.

And here is the finished product!! I happen to think it is gorgeous from a completely unbiased point of view…


Could a Mom afford this? Yes! I did receive a nice discount in exchange to review this, but I checked out that pricing list and I was very surprised at how affordable and how high-quality of an item it was. And y’all know I HEART ART!  They have a special going on right now for 25% off of prints and free standard shipping, which if you live in Texas you can thank your lucky stars because it will get to your ranch SUPER FAST. I do not have a ranch and I loathe that condiment… IMG_4033

And the best thing of all about canvas photo printing: NOT HAVING TO BUY A FRAME!!!! NO FRAME NEEDED due to the beautiful canvas image wrapping! That = less money spent!! I’m going to call Mensa and see if there are any openings for smart Aggies…


But how was the service? It was Great! Thanks to Brendan (yes a real, live human helped me!) who answered any question I had through email promptly and courteously.

Yeah, one last thing was it as easy as the name says? Yes! See above title to this post. No lie (Aggies do not lie, cheat or steal nor do they tolerate those who do!), it took me under 10 minutes to order this puppy. And that was with a 5 yr old interruption and dinner preparation happening.

Thanks again to for approaching me and for your beautiful work and great customer service!


Did I mention they are based out of Austin, TX?? Smile

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