Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Homework Talk…


Leelah showing off her front and back of her completed homework.

Leelah brought home her very first homework assignment this week. It’s a little handwriting exercise where she had to trace the letter ‘L’ (how convenient!) and then draw pics on the back beginning with the letter L. Wait- stay with me, there is a plan of action here I just have to share!

Here’s the deal. In regards to homework, we have a plan in this house. Thank God for this wisdom (and Pam Thompson’s inspiring "Life on the High Road" speaking series at our church, Second Baptist!).

With the homework in hand I sat Leelah on the couch and got her attention. And then I broke it on down a little somethin’ like this:

Me: “Leelah. Here’s what we are going to do in our house when it comes to homework. Homework is your responsibility. So that means you are in charge of it. Who’s in charge?”

Leelah: “You and Daddy.”

Me: “No, Leelah’s in charge! Repeat- Who’s in charge? (Leelah: Me!) Yes! Now, since you are in charge, Mommy and Daddy will not be reminding you ever to get your homework finished. If you miss the due date, then that is your deal and there will be consequences at school. If you make it in on time, then great! Understand?”

Leelah: “Yes. “ (Wide eyed with the possible idea of power- she’s a lion personality).

Me; “Now since this is your first time, I will explain just one time how due dates work. This says Friday, so when do you have to have it done?”

Leelah: “Friday.”

Me: “No, Thursday. It has to be in your backpack all finished by Thursday so you can turn it in on Friday. This is important. You will have to keep it on your homework desk and only there so as not to lose it. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you have fun doing your homework and learning! You are going to do a great job! Just remember, sometimes you will have to decide to do your homework which is fun instead of movies and playing, okay? Love you!”

And that is verbatim, how it went down. Tomorrow will be the day of discovery for her! We will see how it goes. But as for the completed homework- she was in the middle of watching The Sound of Music (precious moment!) and said, “I don’t want to watch the rest of this I better do my homework now.” And you can just go ahead and change my name to No-Nag-Nellie!!!

I did email her teacher to share the what’s-up explaining our plan. We are trying to get some real-life learning going on around here. And she can’t truly learn to learn if I’m the one forcing it. When she asked, I did help her sound out the letters, but only when she asked and only because the instructions said that was allowed.

And lastly, before you think I’m just Mayor of Bragtown, USA, I was informed via email that Leelah has been requesting a classmate to give her the letters when they are sounding out things: i.e. a mild form of cheating. So we had that fun talk this morning as well as the reminder that there are to be “no boyfriends or marriage proposals” yet. Seems as though she was asked for her hand yesterday. Is Kindergarten the new 5th grade!?!?


Mindee said...

Love it! And what 5 year old boy wouldn't want to marry Leelah?!

Lesly said...

Ha, ha! Love it! I think Nathaniel might get a little jealous!