Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We're going on a trip.

A vacation. I'm a little dumbfounded about it, thankful, excited, but also just in a dazed silly-faced-shock that we are actually taking a trip as a family next week for a week. Just the 3 of us tearing up the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL. This does not happen for us.

We have staycations complete with car wrecks.
Medical Mystery Tours to Mayo Clinic.
Quick little jaunts to Texas places and if we are lucky, Louisiana (last big trip and that was crazy fun!).

My brain is still trying to comprehend the glory of this. Plus, I'll be walking there. What? Walking and on a vacation? I really need to accept this awesomeness.

Oh and the eating. There will be lots of that. Slap me on a cracker with horseradish and cocktail sauce, we're gettin' our seafood on!!!

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