Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Staycation...

We needed a break. Oh we got a break! But we'll get to that..
Day 1:
Breakfast at Crescent City Beignets. Yumface.
We zoo'ed it up. Several things about that:
1. Ever since going to the NOLA zoo we are too spoiled and the Houston Zoo kind of pales in comparison. I'm sorry. Plus, IT'S EXPENSIVE. For real. Almost too expensive for popcorn. I said, ALMOST.
2. The African Forest. Here's my take on it. The chimps held a zoo staff member hostage and said, "Look. We are going to start goin' ape on your visitors' faces if we don't get a pin that's waaaay bigger than the orangs- capeesh!!!" (chimps don't know how to spell Italian). Oh and this chimp was sad. Sad because he hadn't eaten any faces that day. I don't like chimps.

Leelah in front of her all time favorite species:

Komodo time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the best quote of that day from Leelah after her and daddy 'accidentally' showed me a pic of the reptile house, "Enjoy your nightmares, Mom."

Day 2:
CAJUN TOWN! the best place you ain't eatin' at!!!
Oh and we then went to MAJOPA= Mary Jo Peckham Park and played free putt putt and then went to the library where we saw this priceless gem:

We sent it into the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. We're kinda hoping to hear back in our dreams...
Day 3:
We went to Huntsville to visit Mom and Pop, Aunt Amy and Ryan and Great Gram- this happened as soon as we rolled into town:

Some dude's truck which didn't have brakes we later learned from the tow truck dude smacked Ol' Smokey pretty good. This trip was almost 3 weeks ago and she's still in the shop!!!! Oh Ol' Smokey you should have been totaled!! We had a sweet little ER visit for Leelah on account of her bruised hip- she was A-Okay and laughing in the waiting room. But it did give her a good scare and I'm still not right from it! Thank the Lord for watching over us!!!

Day 4:
Something about bank switching. Hey, every day can't be amazing!

Day 5:
Honestly, I forgot. But I'm pretty sure it involved Barnes and Noble and Chuy's.

But we were so very glad to have John home with us.

Last week I had my 10th eye surgery- I'm just plain bragging now- and it went very well! More posting on that to come soon!


Leigh said...

Great post Gillian! LOVE the "Men in Knits" :))

Tina said...

Y'all are always so much fun! Love you!

Ashley said...

I talk all the time about animals, specifically large dogs, eating your face. It's what most animals do for fun.
Enjoy your nightmares! Ha! When we took Jake to the zoo in FW last week, we had already been there almost three hours when we got to the snake house. So I got out of it by saying... "um, we need to go eat lunch." YES! No snakes!