Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mayo Clinic Doctormentary- Day 4- Best one!

This is where we 'tour' up Mayo Clinic!!! Funny times ensue! This is by far the best video yet!!!

Please cut us some slack in regards to our fascination with the snow. WE'RE FROM TEXAS. It's cool to us. Literally!


Becky said...

I like the pots made by doctors out of human bone! Haha! I'll be praying that your report comes back with helpful news to move forward and that when Leelah gets tested, all is well.

Annette James said...

Can you continue your Doctormentary after all you apointments from now on so we all know what is happening with you and you don't have to say it 100 times? This was so awesome that you guys did this and now we all are up to speed on your progress. It was so great to see you and John in action too. I sure do miss you guys! You have prayers coming from us and I know MANY others. We love you girl! Keep us updated!
The manaquin (how do you spell that anyway?) was interupted mid prayer! Duh!