Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mayo Clinic Day 2.. Yucky.

Yesterday was horrendously yucky. Just yuck. It's now paradoxical: it's been the best time and the worst time here. (Sorry Charles Dickens' for ripping you off). It started with an orthopedic surgeon appt and honestly I know better about surgeons. If they don't see something they can fix, they drop you basically. Especially when they are leaving the state the next day as was the case for me.
He found that I am missing cartilage in the hip socket. So he had me get an injection in there with cortisone and some sort of 'caine' and lidocaine. IT HURT Y'ALL. It hurt bad. I cried all day long. I cried all up and down Mayo's marbled floors. I cried and called people for prayer. Thank you for those. It was awful.
I got sent to a surgeon because they thought something might be herniated in my groin area. Nope. She suggested we go to the ER.
We went back to the ortho, but he would not see me.
So with my last breaths (DRAMATIC!) we went to the patient affairs. That place should be called "The place where they break down what doctors say to the patients".
So we then went to the ER. We waited for 8 hours to get pain meds which didn't work. They worked in the since of making me out of it. So I was loopy pain lady.
We got to the 'hometel' at midnight. Poor John had to go back out to get my pain med script filled. He drove everywhere looking for a 24 hr Walgreens. They do not exist in Rochester, MN. bummer rats!

Father, please forgive me placing the doctors on a pedestal. I had hoped with my human abilities I could not put faith in the doctors, but in you. I was wrong. Now I ask for Your Holy Spirit to please let me place all my faith in You instead. Please don't let me live from appt to appt, but let me live in your grace which is sufficient. If it is your will Father, I ask for you to relieve me from this pain so I can live my life the way I am accustomed. Should this not be your will, I ask for acceptance and for you to so boldly show me Your ways which are higher. I thank you for the ones who pray for us. We ask that you would bless them. We pray that no matter what, You are glorified in all of this. We thank you Father for all of this, storm or sunshine. I also ask for You to grant me the grace I need to deal with these people and events. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


Leigh said...

Praying right along with you Gillian. I am so sorry that the injection made the pain worse. Not good. So your doc went out of town? Okay, praying that God gives the (other) doctors wisdom and they can come to agreement on a diagnosis and plan of treatment. Hang in there! I'm thinking about you guys and praying...

The Miller Big Top Circus said...

hang in there! We are praying so hard for you.

Annette James said...

Praying constantly for you. It isn''t over yet girl, keep your head up. There are still more doctors to see. You are your only advocate. You are doing everything right. Don't give up and don't live with regrets that you should have done or said something about it. You are SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!! Love you!