Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tomorrow Fun...

How is an intramuscular EMG done? From

A needle is inserted through the skin into the muscle. The electrical activity is detected by this needle (which serves as an electrode). The activity is displayed visually on an oscilloscope and may also be detected audibly with a speaker.

Since skeletal muscles are often large, several needle electrodes may need to be placed at various locations to obtain an informative EMG.

After placement of the electrode(s), the patient may be asked to contract the muscle (for example, to bend the leg).

The presence, size, and shape of the wave form (the action potential) produced on the oscilloscope provide information about the ability of the muscle to respond to nervous stimulation. Each muscle fiber that contracts produces an action potential. The size of the muscle fiber affects the rate (how frequently an action potential occurs) and the size (the amplitude) of the action potential.

Or as I like to call what to do on Thursdays!
Today met 3rd opinion for hip. This is a guy who deals with pathological fractures and back surgery. AKA my dad's hip surgeon. And he's in the med center. So now I am going to him. HAd the lumbar spine MRI today b/c they think back is jacked. And tomorrow I will get an EMG done. I've had them before. They are a tad medieval. Fun times, USA! But hey, at least we have good insurance- PRAISE THE LORD!


Ashley S. said...

Um. Yes. Thank goodness for good insurance! That procedure sounds terrible! Good luck! I'll be praying you up!

Julie said...

My old roommate had to have an EMG session this summer that took over 2 hours. *shudders* Not fun. My only encounter with that icky procedure was blessedly brief and long enough ago that I don't remember much.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gili. Do you feel like a lab rat? Don't! You are a daughter of the King and you are a pearl of priceless worth! Praying for you friend.