Monday, August 9, 2010

Am I a lemon?

Just in case you were wondering things are okay around here. I'm writing with 400% zoom on - it's nice you should try it!

The surgery went pretty well. It took a total of 2 hours and once Dr. H got in the eye he was very "surprised" at the shape the right eye lens was in. It was "a mess" he said. Way worse than the left. Which he did not expect. He said he didn't have a clue why I even was able to see with it at all. I know it's because God was holding it just so to get me to this point. He actually had to use segments of 2 rings to piece it together because the lens was so misshapen and out of whack. It was a booger of a surgery for him from what I can tell. Superficially, it freaks me out to look at it for too long. I have had many panicky moments after staring in the mirror at it too long. It's just crazy red. The reddest ever. The pain that I get when my eye grows a capsule/wrapper (scarring) over it is back. Boo. So is the smudge. So I cannot see well out of it. There was one day where it worked pretty well. Now we have to wait for the inevitable YAG laser to clean it up. Possibly 2 YAGS the why my body works. Dr. H is stalling on that. Which is very disconcerting to me. Oh well, one more thing I can chute up to God to handle.

I go see Dr. H again this Thursday.
Meanwhile, back at broken-hipsville, USA I go in for my bone density test tomorrow. Sweet! I've been taking calcium like it was chips and salsa. My hip does feel a lot better since I've been crutching and wheeling (thank you Hall family!!) around. Praise! The naps have been a plenty and for that I am thankful.

Let me just tell you, I have seen Jesus at work through so many lives. The friends that bring us meals- thank you! The rides I get. The offers to come and clean our house!? The Leelah-watchings- thank you!! We are just overwhelmed with love. It has been so nice to see people being the hands and feet of Christ in helping our family. And the prayers! They are indeed felt. My in-loves came to stay and help us out. Sigh of relief. That was so needed and the time was precious. Mom and Pop we love you.

Leelah even got to watch some of shark week! Which leads me to my list of excuses for why I have a fractured hip. You see, I just got tired of saying "I don't know why it is broke." Or "Possibly from Osteoporosis" So now I just pick from this list: (Yes, I seriously do say these to people)
How did you fracture your hip Gillian?
1. "Shark Week"
2. "From an unfortunate logging accident"
3. "I'm becoming a pirate"
4. "I did a stint on that show, Deadliest Catch"
5. a new one: "I fractured it so I can unfracture it."
6. "From being a mom"
7. "Everyone's doing it"
8. "I love Scrabble!"

That's all I got for now. I will leave you with a Leelah quote:
"Mom, is your leg hurt now?"
me: "Yes, but I will be okay."
L: "Ahhh, now my mom's damaged!"

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Kenzie said...

Hey friend! So glad to read an update since I feel like I have been out of the loop on all that you have going on! Thankful the surgery went well... I had NO IDEA about your hip, holy cow! Definitely praying for you and all the things God has in store. Love ya girl!