Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thoughts on Trivial Things.

Netflix's Instant Queue:
John and I just discovered this, remember we're not early adopters (marketing term: usin' that B'school knowledge), and it's pretty cool. We "stream" (we're so hip!) with our borrowed Wii. I thought it would have every movie ever created on it. I told John it was going to be "life changing" and he calmed me down. But after about 30 mins of playing around with it, he figured out what I had been saying and said "Gillian, it doesn't have every movie on here. You thought it did?" Heck yeah I thought so. Whoa. Would you really want that anyway? How would you pick? *Sigh*. Good thing I don't work at Netflix makin' people's minds explode from too many choices. We have yet to watch a full movie, except Leelah- CURSE YOU BARNEY!- because John and I just lovingly bicker about what we should watch on the queue for 30 mins while searching and then go to sleep.

Still lost. But even more so now, with no more episodes. Remember the good ol days with the hatch and no time travel? The Others- that was my favorite. I was a fan for the first half of the finale. Then it just got weird. Like a middle school dating relationshp. Kind of bummed about this.

John and I have decided, they're overrated. Like Bruce Springsteen (no offense). I'm just sayin'.

TOtally went to one of those scrap mania things at Archivers for the first time. It was pretty much a dream come true for me: ample amounts of scrapbooking products, popcorn, candy, pasta, pepsi, friends (see I finally mentioned them), and time to create fabulous pages! I got 3 pages done. 3. The worst part was I had a circle cutter and spent almost the entire time cutting the circles with a template with the spacer on it. IT WAS ALMOST THE DEATH OF ME. Until when leaving and paying I told the lady I didn't like the circle template- and she said "Oh it's my fave!" at which I almost emotionally punched her face. Then she pointed out the whole spacer bit. Boy did I feel sheepish! IT works like a champ now! Oh and I got to use a cricut, which was about the coolest thing ever. Thanks Katie!


Lesly said...

Yea! for Scrapbooking! We must do that again soon!!

Becky said...

Go to Lostpedia.
Lots of pages of fans theorizing on Lost. Maybe it'll help shed some light on it! One post from an alleged writer for Bad Robot had a good take on everything.