Friday, May 28, 2010

Ribbon Placemat

DiSCLAIMER: I'm not playin' at having a craft anything. This was just so fun and easy that I had to share it!

The idea came from needing cute placemats for my church's big Tabletop Tapestry event and not wanting to go scour the earth for them. Repurpose it! (saying that with some finger snaps and jazz hands for sure! Pretty sure I went ribbon-crazy all over that table.

What you need:

Hideous placemats you want to cover (I used 4 that weren't so hideous, but again repurpose it!)
About 5 or so spools of coordinating ribbons- used some satin but mostly grosgrain
Sewing machine

What you do:
It's an eyeballing deal meaning no measurements.Funny I have dreadful eyesight!
You're basically making a ribbon collage. I didn't want to have a pattern- more work! So I laid out all the strips- with most of the ends coming out over the placemat for a fringe-ish look. And pinned each ribbon to it's spot.
Forgive the lack of pics and read the disclaimer again!

Just sew a straight stitch down the middle of the ribbon- make sure you reverse stitch at the top and bottom to hold it in place. You might have to adjust the stitch length/width? -the thing that's NOT the tension- we never touch the tension for it will give you tension! I'm almost certain that's said in a home-ec class somewhere!

You could, in theory, fray-edge, clear nail polish, burn the ribbons what have you. Again more work, but a nice finished look.
THat's it!

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Ashley S. said...

What a cute idea, Crafty McCrafterson! See you in TWO WEEKS! Yes!

P.S. The letters I had to type in to approve this comment were "holyinn". Is that where Jesus was born?