Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leelah's Rules for Living.

Disclaimer: These appear to be only for girls. However, boys can still read and laugh. Backstory: These were uttered LOUDLY without any prompting or prior discussing -in the swiffer/home care aisle at the Super Targie- i.e. where all my cares get taken away and popcorn falls freely on the floor- sorry about that! Rule Number One:
"We must NOT pee like men. We must only pee like girls not standing up always." (yeah I was totally hilariously freaked out)

Rule Number Two:
"Do not touch someone's dog until they say you can or your can't." (I get it!)

Rule Number Three:
"Don't talk to strangers." (Totally but we call them "don't knows")

Rule Number Four:
"You do not touch someone's baby or belly until you ask." (we've got a lot of fertile friends)

Rule Number Ten:
"Do not let anyone get your coupon."
Take that Leviticus!!!

And just further evidence that my kid's funny (apologize for shoving it in your face!) we went to the beach - Galveston "where the sand and the water are the same color"- the other day just for kicks. Whilst picking up quasi-seashells and avoiding trash on the seawall we heard Leelah imitating a seagull:
See untitled post- yeah I'm not skilled enough.
We had a fun eating and shopping! We LOVE eating at this killer-good pizza joint on the seawall called "Papa's Pizza"- not to be confused with Papa John's as it's not a chain. If you get a chance- go you'll love it!


Tina said...

These are great rules to live by!

Lezlie said...

Very wise little lady