Friday, May 14, 2010

Eye Told You Sew!

DUDES. SO the other day, Monday to be exact, I had gotten a little perturbed at my left eyeball- aka "drama queen". It had been hurting. Now you know it just had the killer-painful op about a month ago, so I was beginning to get a little nervous thinking that it might be infected. I've been down that road before and let me tell you- yikes, stripes, Fruit Stripes gum- it's not fun.

So I called the doc at 2ish. Can you be in at 4:15? Yep. So I called the husb, "Hey John gotta run me down to the BEC- Baylor Eye Clinic- again.

Mind you, I had places to be- it was Moms @ Second's last meeting which I really didn't want to miss. So we hightailed it only to wait. Not 3 -7 hrs as in past with Dr. Hamill, but for about an hr. Thank goodness for John's blackberry - Leelah totally disney channeled up that thing.

Dr. Yeu comes in after they checked my vision. She then checks it out and says she'll have to remove the suture. What the what what? When is that going to happen I nervous-laugh-ask- "now". Then I asked, "how?" and she said "with a needle and tweezers." Oh okay, no problem. WHAT!>!>!>!?!?!?

Wait. Here's what I saying to my self, "Self, she's gotta be tired. It's 5:40. And now she's going to poke my eye with a needle and then tweeze out a stitch?"

So I keep stalling her and making stupid jokes about the board game Operation. It wasn't my best set, I was tired and in pain. But she gets out the needle and I to refer to an old cheerleading term, "squeezed the penny" and held still like a well person getting their eyeball sewn! I looked left like you wouldn't believe. It was gross y'all. But Dr. Y is a champ. Pulled the sucker out like seam-ripping. It didn't feel great, but it was numbed.

No joke, my m@S mtg was across town at 6:40. John dropped me off at the church at 6:39. I had totally had an eye suture removed in less than an hr all freaky-deaky like and managed to go to my meeting.

Tales from the opthamologist office. Gotta love it right? Oh and let me tell you, last time we were there John saw a bottle of "Eye lid cleanser". No one should have to see that.

YAG laser got moved up to the 24th. Still seeing blood vision- gross and now the membrane is making it foggy. Will continue to keep on keeping on!

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