Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random List

Thanks to one of my FAVE bloggers- Kenzie at The Stanfield Journey for including me on your blogger list for 10 random things about yourself! If you get a chance- and let's face it you wouldn't be on here if you didn't have time- check out her blog. She oozes wisdom and has a gift for writing. She is a blessing of a friend and person!

So here goes. Hold on to your hats! I feel as though I do these random lists anyway when I write being the queen of the dorks as I am...

1. Coffee. I love it. My daddy got me addicted to it when he lived with us in his last days. I finally caught on that he expected coffee every morning since he couldn't get up himself, rather that he was addicted. He'd always ask, "are you going to have some with me?" and then my addiction started as well. I now think of him every time I almost turn on the grinder with no beans- yeah, that was loud that day. For me it has to be the color of khaki or buff. So much equal and creamer it's almost unrecognizable. It's a problem.

2. I want to remodel my home every time I go into Ikea. I could live at Ikea. But just certain rooms- the fun, bright ones. Not the all-white or all-tan ones. I adore fun prints. I LOVE ART. LOVE ART. Love the Art Museum, but no one will go with me. I love contemporary (but not weird, Beetlejuice stuff) art or art like Lichtenstein. Colorblocking. Yellow is my fave color.

I think I'm writing too much.

3. I love monocles and top hats. Some of you might think: "Mr. Peanut". I think Classy. And I'm real into buttons right now.

4. I want to go to New York. Just to hang out. Not to stay for long. Just eat pizza and shop. Maybe no Broadway. I detest musicals except for My Fair Lady. Hold a ginormicon cup of Starbucks whilst talking on my cell phone and yell out, "I'VE GOT TO HAVE THAT COPY ON MY DESK BY THE END OF THE DAY!"

5. I have a business degree it's just dusty. I do, I promise. I have to keep telling myself so I don't forget. I love all things Marketing. A dream of mine is to work in the creative dept for our church. Oh, but to dream!

6. John and I watched a full episode of Garfield and Friends in our cruise room on our Honeymoon. I was sick with what felt like TB. It was fun. When everyone went around the dinner table telling their excursion adventure tales we told them about what we watched. And that's one of the many reasons I adore being with John. He is the bee's knees and elbows. Absolutely cute, funny and handsome all in one person. He continues to teach me how to be a better follower of Christ. Thank God!

7. Pretzels, popcorn, and candles are my weakness. I will do anything for any of the 3.

8. I miss our Chinese exchange students Anne and Maria so much. They are my far-away babies. So excited we are blessed with the opportunity to host 2 more this year God willing. We got a call from Anne from China the other day. Precious.

9. Leelah is a sun-sneezer. She cracks me up constantly. Her newest funny, "I have a husband."- when I asked his name she said, "Barnes & Noble". Can you stand it?

10. It's a consistent thought of mine that I need to prepare myself for living stranded in a desert/post-apolocalyptic period. What clothes do I wear? I better have layers! I'm not crazy, I just think too hard.

Random enough!?

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Tina said...

HA! Sun sneezing! You know I got one too! LOVE your list.