Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peace Out Adenoids!

I know y'all want to know. How it all went down.

Leelah was a champ last Thursday. Went in to that surgical center like a pro. Got her "candy mask" from Dr. Harzenschnitzelfarb (I don't know it was long) {who has 9 kids by the by!?!?!! insert your anesthesia joke here} and went night night... Woke up and stared. They called us in as soon as she awakened. We practically ran in there!!?!?!?! I mean come on!? Oh wait, back up, Doc said she did great first and then recommended we get her immunology testing done-more on this. But back to the post op- so we go in and she's totally out of her mind. John and I love on her and hold her. She finally sits up and cries. They said that most all kids cry out the anesthesia so we were glad when she did. Then we calmed her down with the blue bank sucker trick. After an hour we are allowed to go home.

Now here's where it gets interesting. I come up with hey, let's give her tylenol and codeine now for the pain like prescribed. Didn't give her too much to eat/drink but a strawberry pediasure, popsicle, and fruit snack bag. Leelah starts chatting. HARDCORE. Y'all know my kid can talk a parrot into a corner,but she was hyper talking (drugged). Then she gets all ghostypale. Then I say whilst she is laying on me "hey Leelah how's your stomach?" Leelah: "Not good."

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT- YEP- PINK FOUNTAIN ALL OVER US!!!!!! The couch. The pillow, The clothes. The rug, The carpet. The hands. The tub. The bathroom rug. She was yarfing pink like a sprinkler. Sorry guys. I can't tone it down. Don't read this if you can't handle the truth. Note the pics- are actually reversed. See the bowl and beach towels... And Sans mom.... Sweet Tina and her angel Rebecca brought the Leej a tinkerbell care package which really brightened her spirits. We love y'all!! You know it!

But she recovered really well. We meet with her pedi to talk about immunological testing. Leelah's already saying "NO TESTS!!!!!" I swear though- I don't have a "puker" just b/c of the Chick-fil-a Mudslide, this pink geyser, the allergy testing throwdown.... Okay maybe I do have one..?

I am trusting in the Lord and will "not fear bad news"-Ps 139:? about these tests. I'm praying it's just routine for them to suggest this. OH and I forgot to mention the surge "moved" a part in her nose for her sinuses. Yeah, she's so 90210. Nose job at 3.5 yrs...

Project Runway. Tomorrow.

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