Monday, December 7, 2009

Eye Carumba

Firstly, I apologize to all people who speak spanish. I don't know what "Carumba" means. Please don't hate me if it's cursing. I'm too dang proud of that pun title though to erase and too lazy to google-translate it! You can understand my sitch.

So. Got to have the ol' lefty eye lasered. Again. For those of you counting- no one except me- that's 5 surgeries. So now. this eye shall be referred to as "Cinco". I'm happy with that. I don't know when the 2nd YAGging will take place since they have to make sure the lens won't spontaneously drop again and is stable. All's I know is the pain is back, vision is hazy, and I still don't see like I saw after the YAG this past Sept. Sad, but that's how it goes. Even, sadder the right eye is starting to misbehave more now. So I got to start the whole surgery shindig with it probably next year some time. Prayers. Please pray I get at least one eye working. I do have an impossibly cute husby and 3 yr old glamour girl to look at!!! Can you help a mother out here?

Yikes. Fruit Stripes gum.

Well I have to go get rubbing alcohol and scrub off the perfume I applied to myself today. I smell wrong. Like something inappropriate masking something. Like well all the descriptions I'm thinking of are just wrong and insulting to countries and people of certain ages so I'll hold back. But boy Tina- the shopping was F-U-N!!!!!

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Tina said...

Beyond FUN! Nordstrom? Tootsies? PBKids? And all that jewelry. Bananas! We shut it down. Super fun times!