Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holy Hobby Lobby!!!

Yeah so Leelah and I had the Pig Flu all week. We're cool now- John's not! He sounds like gravel in a blender. Pretty awesome.

You can imagine after my self-quarantining all week I just hads to go to Hobby Lobby. So Leelah and I hit HL. Hard. We were there for over an hour (don't judge me!) and whilst perusing the crochet yarnball aisle I hear Leelah perched in the buggy, LOUDLY exclaim to the heavens,

Ah jeez. The Hobby Lobby Prayer 2009. Totally writing that one in the book!


Tina said...

What is it with HL and our kids? They are so anti-HL! Glad you chicks are over the piggy-flu and are getting back to normal.

The Smiths said...

That is awesome. Hope has started throwing a fit every time we go. Of course, I take her every Mon after we drop Grayson off at preschool! That one is definitely book worthy!

Lezlie said...

she is just as funny as you! Every time I take my kids I swear I won't do it again.

Ashley S. said...

That's hilarious! I want to hang out with that girl again!

Rachel said...

That is AWESOME! Jeff just made a wise statement about HL. He says that kids probably hate it because it looks like a place that should be fun for kids because it's a crafts place, but then they don't get to do any crafts there! I never even thought about that.