Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leelah's Been Committed... (a must read!)

To the Lord! Although check out the "Silly Sunday" pic and your guess about an institution could be right! Our church, Second Baptist (West Campus), puts on an event twice a year known as Parent Child Commitment ceremony. This is where we take our children before the Lord and the church to make it public to raise her in His ways. The church and pastor Young prays with us and it is a mighty sight to see all those babies and sweet families giving their lives to the Lord. It's always one of my favorite Sundays. For a more eloquent and said just right capturing of this moment please check out my friend Kenzie Stanfield's blog on my list "The Stanfield Journey". We were fortunate enough to share in their family's committing of their sweet blessing, Faith Clare! Thank you Giver of many blessings for allowing us to be healthy enough to share in this special moment where your presence is undoubtedly felt. This was the first October I could do this since the last two have involved me recuperating from eye surgery (2008) and from the hyst-y (2007).
And on a completely superficial note: Leelah totally "shut it down" in her Gap dress. I only say Gap because close friends know what it took to get that sucker. Thank you Mystina for the GC! Thank you Lesly for talking me down off the ledge after trying to order it online!

Well let's see what else needs to be posted.....
Oh yeah! SCI. FI. NIGH. Yeah you read that right.

If you live in Katy/Houston and know what a cylon, Dune, and TIE Fighter is you were invited. It was OOC fun! Can I mix a RZ word and nerd party? Whatever, it was awesome. So awesome that I only got pictures of the food that was brought. The invitees were creative. We had an edible deathstar, SOylent Green punch, an alien rice krispie treat cake, Dune cake w/ worms, Gungan crab cakes, Gaaaah (Klingon dish)- spaghetti dyed green, and a shot out to Demolition Man with Taco Bell (did you know they were the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars?). We played sci-fi pictionary which was too easy and a clip show of all our fave sci-fi moments. Mine had to be the Galaxy Quest one! Oh and we had pin the sunglasses on Neo from the Matrix. I'm telling you it was killer.

Leelah loves "Rebeccars". I do too. We made crazy fabulous cowgirl princess hats the other day... Crazy- because they were a little top heavy. We love our friends!!!

Leelah and I made a scarecrow yesterday. Her name is "Scarecrow Sally Walker". She looks like she is from Istanbul circa 1900. We love her. She's rockin' the denim skirt and head wrap. So sassy!

And to end this whole mess of random postings... My vision. Guys hold on to your hats. At the Dr. Lewis appt my vision was corrected to 20-30. IN MY LEFT EYE. I have NEVER seen this well out of it. PRAISE JESUS! 20-400 to 20-30. Take that in. I will wait...... I know. It's glorious news! And still no pain. Thank you merciful Lord!


Tina said...

Leelah rocked that dress!!! And you looked O.O.C.! We loved hanging with you gals for the Cowgirl Craft. And the girls were so silly! That was way cool.

SouthernBelle said...

Leelah looked precious! You, my friend, looked like you stepped out of a magazine!!!! Totally Fab!!!! So happy to hear about your "visionary success". Hope to see you soon! Sharyn

dogsrule7 said...

awwww! cute pictures! blog me at chat with me dogsrule7's blog!