Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Praise the Lord- Eye can see!

Yesterday John drove me down to the ol' Baylor Eye Clinic to see Dr. Lewis. This man is an absolute genius and it's clearly evident how much he enjoys helping people with profound eye diseases and vision impairments. Plus, straight up he's a nerd. I use that in a loving sense of course. He likes to talk about crazy eye diseases you've never heard of and will spout out random periodic elements of chemistry with glee. John's a nerd. Many of my close friends are nerds. I wish I could be a nerd, but alas I'm only at dork status- someone that uses humor (poor albeit) at any given chance w/ spasmadic tendencies. I totally digressed.

So at 8:45 after John drove through a monster-thunderstorm, we arrive. I get in fast only to wait on the ol' pupils to dialate. They hate this! The pupils HATE it and techs waiting on me. So that happens, meaning there will be no way I can read or do anything for the rest of the day. Dr. Lewis pulls out his mad eye-scientist gear and tilts me back to have a look-see. He immediately gets disgruntled at the lack of vision he has into my left eye, stating that it "is seeing through grease". And then declares his disagreement with Dr. Hamill about the whole YAG laser surgery dealy. Look it up if you are a nerd on wikipedia- it's all chemical and crystals and stuff. YAG capsultomy. Okay. So he says the reason my left eye is going in- like crazy now- is that it is shut off since it sees nothing but grease. It's actually a membrane that has closed itself around the lens implant. And let me tell you I do NOT enjoy looking through a dirty window all day. Like Slimer slime all up in my eye. It's Gross. He said there was a good chance that if Hamill lasered it, it would have "stunning" results. Possibly giving me sight in an eye that hasn't had vision due to the lens dropping in over 8 yrs. I can't remember when the lens dropped, sometime in college I noticed it just didn't see anymore.

Finally after a lot of waiting, praying, more dialating, coaxing, pleading, calling, waiting, eating Star Pizza for lunch- score!, more waiting, more prayers, Dr. Hamill gives in to doing the YAG at the end of the day. Which is great, because he usually does it just once a week and he was leaving today for a 2 wk vacay. Side note: He wouldn't tell me where he was going which made me feel like he thought that I would "What about Bob?" him on his vacation. "DOCTOR BOOOOOWES HAAAAAAMILL" He just said, "out west". Whatever. I'm his "problem child" in case you haven't heard. So he does the lasering. I then have to wait for an hour to see if the pressure spiked. I fell asleep and I mean hard on John's shoulder. I think there was droolage. I woke up all kinds of weird-feeling and couldn't see anything due to the drops. So I didn't know then if it worked. Plus, it hurt surprisingly. I mean I love lasers, but that invisible laser did something and it felt like I had real surgery. Weird. There was popping on the inside and I heard it. W.E.I.R.D.

After each step of the long day, John and I would pray. We would pray that God would find us faithful in him. John even prayed that we would have faith in the Lord and His power, not the procedure. I thought that was perfect. So many times I get wrapped up in the doctor's power or the procedure. We are to rely on God. He is our fortress and strength! So this was great to focus on. We prayed that His will be done. NOt our own.

Today I woke up. Friends, Countrymen. I could see. I CAN SEE OUT OF MY LEFT EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praise to Jesus! Success!!!!! The colors are amazing. It is SUCH a difference. So much, I'm having to get used to all the contrast. It can be compared to adjusting the contrast and brightness on your monitor. Amazing. I am truly amazed. Now, the vision is not perfect- I am okay with that! The best it will be is 20-50 w/correction. But that is GREAT!!! The right eye is all jealous and stuff that it's all dim now (cataracts, floaters, etc). In due time and if it's God's will that will be fixed. I am praising God for this. The eyes have only crossed a little whereas it was becoming a fixture before. Meaning, the brain is liking it! Thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey of lost sight. Wow! Thank you guys for your treasured prayers. God is good.
On Wednesday of last week another part of my prayers was answered and this was HUGE. I had been having pain in that crazy left eye for almost a year since the first lensectomy/lens implant in October. They didn't know what the pain was. It had gotten so bad I was crying everyday and eating Motrin and Tylenol PM. John and the doctors felt "helpless". Leelah would grab my hands and say out loud "Lord, please help mommy's eye to feel better". This was a daily occurence. So when I woke up on Wednesday and noticed first how bright the room was, you can imagine my shock when I felt something different. NO PAIN! The pain is gone around and in the eye. After numerous MRIS, Eyebrow injection, drops, etc. all it took was that lasering procedure! Some more praise to the Ultimate Healer!!! Thank you for reading my story of "perse-dang-verence!"


Lezlie said...

YAY! I have tears reading this! I am rejoicing with you in God's infinite power & mysterious time. Woo Hoo! And just in time for the beautiful fall colors!

Wendy said...

HOOORAY!!!!!! Praising Jesus with you right now :)

Erin and Jens said...

That is so awesome Gillian! I'm so pumped! God is faithful.

Lesly said...

Thank you sweet Jesus!

Amy H. said...

Love your story-telling, girl. And LOVE the ending of this particular chapter. Can't wait to see how the rest of this mystery unfolds! God is good!

Kendra Krezanosky said...

Oh Gillian, I am in tears reading this and sooooo excited for you! God is good!!

Vernon Bowen said...

So happy to read your amazing story. praising Jesus with you girl!