Friday, August 28, 2009

James Coney Tears

I guess you could say reading this is reading my Real Housewives of Katy story. Only this is REAL. Today Leelah and I had a day that I knew just knew would be so funfilled. We were even dancing and singing about this upcoming day last night. "Shop it like it's hahhht, shop it like it's hahhht". We are a family of dorks. I'm thankful for the one time of year when I get to do a little wardrobe change after careful planning and budgeting.
I just gotta know... Does this sound like anyone else's day?
We got up did some quiet time in the Word. Prayed. Ate french toast. Threw a little sausage in there. I don't know whatever but it's an honor...
Flu Shots:
I call Leelah's pedi to schedule a flu shot- "can you come in an hour?" always. Leelah flips out at the doctors. This is the first time since she was tiny that she bawled and screeched. She totally would have cut us up if she could. Since all the allergy testing you better believe she is NOT enthused and over it. I get my shot. She gets hers.
Targie Shopping:
We go to "Targie" (Target) this place of joy and $1.50 popcorn + med. drink combo (you better get on that). We shop shoes (praise- we never get to do this!). We shop bedding (eets for fun). We purchase a game NOT from Goodwill- you mean it will work AND have all the pieces? We totally missed the dollar bin (so going back..). We check out Dave Ramsey style. me to checker lady: "I have four sections. I'm paying separately for each pile. We're on DAVE RAMSEY!" awesome SAHM behind: "we have the whole day". God is good.
Hotdoggin' IT:
We hit up James Coney Island for some "dogs". Leelah yells incessantly about weiners and weinees. There's some oldies playing (my favorite). I start reminiscing about my father. He loved JCI and oldies too. I start tearing up and pray that if anyone saw it was just "she really enjoys her dogs!" I realize again for the 20th time this week I'm parentless and there's a holiday coming up. I remember for the 20th time this week, I have the best parent ever and His name is God my Heavenly Father. I am not on my own and God will keep it together for me because I stink at it.
Mall time:
Leelah and I use the bathroom at BB&B @ Katy Mills THREE TIMES. She's 3. Here comes the back to school shopping trip. What's going on in my mind oh it's so trivial and perfect: Will there be appliqued owls with polkadot leafed trees!?! Apples? What color scheme should I stick to? I love buying jackets that won't be used! CAN I GET HER A RAINBOOT OR TWO!? God is good.
What happens next: full out poopty panty parade. We leave the pile of 3Ts- what a beautiful dream- and jet out to the parking lot. Where I like to change my kid. It's only 114 at 2:30pm in Texas. No biggie. I perform the tricky "stand up change". All small tantrum ensues from me then Leelah. Something of me complaining about the heat, my hair styling mud liquifying on my face- I'M WEARING TWO FLIPPIN' PAIRS OF GLASSES AND THEY ARE BOTH FOGGIN'. I got my crazy eyes shooting silver stars like I've been hit in the head- means I need to go home. So we do.
Leelah is sleeping.
I am blogging.
I am going to watch Project Runway now with sweetened tea so sugared it raised the level of liquid in the pitcher.
Thank you God for making me a real housewife. For letting me lean on you. For my sweet husband who still accepts my calls. For killer friends that still email and call after my kid blew chunks (2 mondays ago) all over them at Chick-fil-A. For my sweet, sweaty kid I adore. You are so good to all of us.


Tina said...

Hi-lar-i-ous! You rock for writing this! Real Housewives of Katy...we should totally pitch it to Bravo. Then they'd see what it's really like to be a housewife...No Prada...we got Poop...We ain't got no Dolce & Gabbana...we doin' Dave Ramsey!

Wendy said...

FUNNIEST.STORY.EVER!!!! I can so relate to days like these. Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

Lesly said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.... I could go on and on laughing! LOved it! You make totally ridiculous days sound so crazy it's fun! love you friend!