Friday, June 5, 2009

A wedding, some fish, and a bathroom conversation...

And now for our crazy weekend(s) photo footage!
First we went to a wedding of John's cousin Daniel and his beautiful bride Stacy. It was such a ball to go with the in-loves! Look at how precious my nephew Ryan is!?!!!

The weekend before that we went to fish at the glorious "Majopa" better known as Mary Jo Peckham Park. We caved and bought Leelah a princess fishing rod. The girl reeled in 2 fish!!! One more than her dad!! She was a whole mess of excitement.
We then blew that popstand after word and sight got out about a water moccasin. Y'all know I don't play when it comes to snakes. Horrifying.

And the smell of banana boat- get on the boat tha banana boat! Who's with me!?

Leelah at a classmate friend's splash party- little swimmers diapers unite!

Let's be honest. We have children so that we can laugh at what they say to us when we are in the bathroom stall with them. Am I right? You've got to agree that the funniest stuff you've ever heard has been in the kid-occupied stall next to you.
We're starting off low-brow, if you can't take the heat then get off this blog!:
Here's some of my faves:
"Are you gonna make a stink?"-- College Station Mall
"Ya shouldna sat in it is what ya shouldna did!"-- again with the College Station Mall
and today out of the mouth of Leelah at Target-
me: "Please don't tell all of our business!"
L: (in a whispered tone) "Oh okay. I love you mom."
She was cracking me up so much- even another lady said "Listening to her has made my day!" Kids. Love it. Don't love how she already calls me "mom" though.


Tina said...

I'm getting "mom" these days too. Cool pics! You look great in those wedding pics. Leelah, adorable as always. We got Rebecca a fishing rod too! We'll have to take the girls a family day at MAJOPA!

Anonymous said...

So fun Gil!! Those are great pictures and you look beautiful

megsies said...

this just makes me laugh.. and think about james wadley and you and all the fun times we had in college station!