Monday, June 1, 2009

A gift from God!

So my dream to become Ms. Peanut has finally been achieved. Anyone that knows me knows I dig monocles and strive to be in essence, classy, like Mr. Peanut. I'm talkin' the whole shabang- Top Hat, Cane, and the best and most essential part: the Monocle. That dream has finally been achieved today.

I've got cataracts and floaters a plenty. I've got squigglies and hazies galore. Want loose vitreous- I've got 20! But who cares, no big deal, God's got plans in stoooooore.... (The Little Mermaid? I know, I know I'm a dork).
I've been toying with some new low vision devices lately to help me see near and far. Here they are:
The magnifying page- big. So big I'm afraid to leave it anywhere outside or near a window for fear of starting a fire...
The red small magnifier- someone actually laughed out loud at this the other day and thought I was joking...
The monocular for far away- this comes in handy for when I park next to a street sign while trying to find my way around a new neighborhood so I don't have to drive back and forth until I can focus on it. But Leelah has already broken my lanyard (sp?).

All jovialness aside a sweet, sweet new friend from our Bible Study class named Emily and her uber-cute daughter Lilly, came by today to deliver a present she had for me. Little did she or I really know what an awesome God-appointed meeting this was. What a wonderful world God has given us to enjoy when you wake up not knowing the blessings you have yet to receive and in my case today the blessings were many! God knew I needed a life-picker upper at this point. And that is exactly what Emily did for me today- like a nice glass of sweet Iced Tea when you're parched. "An Anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up."-Proverbs 12:25.

So here's the story... A crazy-fabulous friend/hero of mine Callie Smith (again I don't do hyperlinks- check out the The Smith blog on my list!) was talking with the Sweetawesomecoolness that is Emily B. about my eye sitch I guess. Which led Emily to a treasure her husband had given her from one of his business trips to Japan. I know right- I love Japan! So Emily bestows this most glorious present upon me today...

Pretty wrapping- I'm already over the moon with that alone. Then comes the opening...

"Do you know what it is?" me: "No- is it a locket?" E: "Open--"

It is a beautiful, Mikimoto pearl, bejeweled monocle/magnifying lens that she has kept for 4 years knowing she'd have some use for it someday. But God knew she'd be able to give it to someone who needed it and who needed a friend at that time.
I was immediately overcome with tears when I opened it up and discovered the treasure. Honestly, I'm a crier. I'll admit. But I like to keep it on the DL most times. Especially with a new friend. Way to spaz out Gillian! We shared some tears. Thank you God for this sweet moment and act of kindness and for this new gift of friendship. I'm so thankful for her and her family and so glad they are apart of our church family.

Here's me livin' the dream. Don't be jealous!!!!

I'm a choo-choo Charlie and a classs act!!


Callie said...

You make me laugh!! Love you girl!!

Tina said...

What an awesome friend...Mikimoto? Come on! How cool is that!?!? Love your lyrics to the Little Mermaid, and yeah, I knew the tune before you even told us. I'm just a card catalog of Disney tunes and phrasing. I'll have to come over and check out your new gadgets soon!