Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tourin' Up Texas!

The Nichols went on vacation and did it big. Texas Sized!!!

A couple weeks ago we headed out on I-10 west, to a land filled with beef jerky, dolphins, penguins, German food, great shops and huge fun!

First stop was Buc-ee's!!!!!! We love this place. How many stalls does it have 30? I know it has 30 gas pumps. But the best part is the food. It's a gas station by the way and it really should have a hotel next to it because it is an attraction and it's always jam-packed with people and their flip flops. It's like Willy Wonka's Factory but with snacks. Picture if you will a vast assortment of jerky. Jerky of all kinds. Fudge of all kinds. Soda beverages (that was a stretch to say 'soda' y'all know I'm Texan and we say 'coke' regardless of the brand), popcorn, whosits, whatsits, Beaver Nuggets, pickled delights, candy- oh my goodness the candy, Icee's, etc. So a bevy of awesomeness is happening. So much so we bought Leelah a Buc-ee (it's a beaver) doll. I've written way too much about this place. Moving on...

We immediately get into San Antonio and hit Sea World. This time NO crowds! We went to the Lost Lagoon and it was a great place for little ones. A very nice water park in deed. I mean no Schlitterbahn, but it was great for Leelah who's almost 3.
For some reason I missed the pictures of the lagoon. But it was fun- lazy river, wave pool, splashpad- good times.

By the way, the only way we will haul Leelah around parks from now on is in a wagon. This thing was so SWEET! Leelah has fun and it's so easy to pull and jam a bunch of junk in. We got lots of comments "Well shoot- we shoulda done that!!" Thank you Annette for parting with it! Or Thanks Asher!

Then we got all gussied and went to one of my favorite spots- Gruene (pronounced 'green') just so we could eat at the famous Gristmill. This place is so yummy. John's first visit but not his last he loved it. Of course, Leelah was super hungry...

Next day back to Sea World. This time for the dolphin show and penguins. We tried the Pirate 3D - and Leelah wasn't having it.

That night we went to Fredericksburg. I know I talk a lot about food. Now here's more talk about food: The Auslander. The restaurant is a gem. The motto of the trip was: "SPATZEL, SCHNITZEL, STRUDEL!!" This was our 2nd time here- must see pics of Leelah's cheeks- this is a picture of her at 9-10 mos. when we came to this restaurant the first time.

an attempted reenactment..

We enjoy the jagerschnitzel, spatzel and apple streudel. A must!!!
Next day was a walk around Main St. in F'burg.
We enjoyed the Pacific War Museum (formerly known as the Nimitz Museum). The best part was the "show" of the pacific engagement complete with real artifacts from WWII, scenes such as a make-shift hospital, a beachhead with tanks, and a tour guide. It was really interesting and of course a necessary reminder of the cost of freedom and the lives lost to protect it.

Then we did some shopping and realized it was too hot to be out and after numerous foiled attempts at getting some Sweet Tea at McD's we left for Houston. Well, Buc-ee's then Houston. :)
Praise the Lord for this fun family time. After 2 very intense and painful summers, we are really seeing the light and enjoying life to the fullest.



Erin and Jens said...

So much fun! I'm a fan of the places you went. I especially like the photo reenactment of Leelah. She has that same determined look.

Melissa Jane said...

this is so wonderful! love your blog!! and you! it's a joy to read and feel like i was right there along with all the sweet nichols'!!

Kenzie said...

Looks like an AWESOME trip!! Thanks for all the tips for where to go... I think we'll be doing something similar soon since my sister is getting ready to move to San Antonio. Yippppeee for me!!

Love ya!

Ashley Sumners said...

Fun times! Great pictures! I love the one with Leelah with the flamingo in the background. She looks thrilled. :) The wagon was a great idea. She looks so cute in it too! I'm glad y'all got to have such a great trip! And thanks for the detailed description of Buc-ee's. I'll have to go there sometime if I'm ever down that way!