Monday, June 29, 2009

Superheroes Take Medicine...

Never without drama in the Nichols household. This time Leelah was bringing it.

So the child has had over 10 sinus infections since birth. She will be 3 in July. As our wonderful and fun pediatrician puts it "you've got one that makes too many boogers". Yes, we have Slimer. So today was Slimer's appointment with the allergist who tested her back for environmental allergies. Let me stop right here. My child STILL talks about her flu shot from October of last year. And I am by no means complaining, allergies are treatable and we are thankful to the Lord! It's just that show me a kid who likes shots? And that is what my sweet baby has to have: allergy shots.

I am reticent in over-medicating or even in medicating for that matter. However, when it comes to Leelah she is "special" as Dr. Lentsch puts it. Leelah is allergic to every antibiotic we've given her except one. And even that one has made her itchy. The others gave her a reaction known as Erythema Multiforme Minor- do me a favor - do NOT look this up. The lesions and swelling are horrifying. Thank the Lord that is treatable with Benadryl and steroid shots but scary!! So it's important we stop the allergies and sinus infections before she becomes allergic to that last medicine. Hence, the allergy shots and testing.

The back pricking determined today that she is allergic to dogs, cats and johnson grass. She'll have to have further injection testing in August (doc out of country) to rule out things that didn't show up today. We are happy she is not allergic to fish as she is getting one next month (already named "Cowgirl"). This is a joke, please laugh.

So my plan is simple: SUPERHERO! I've told Leelah that all of her allergy medicine: nasal spray, liquid and shots are her "superhero medicine" to fight the "mean ol' allergies". This is working well so far. She will wear a cape and mask to appts and to shots. We'll see how that goes. I also told her to be brave like David (who beat Goliath) and that helped too. But let me tell you- lollipops, portable dvd's, toys, and colors never hurt a kid either!! Thank you Kim for your advice!

Must go and stop typing. Eyes are tired. Yeah, my eyes are still on the fritz. I told you we are not drama-free! We're high maintenance! God bless John!

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