Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

Okay guys. I ain't even playin' when I say that I have already made my appt at the end of this year for getting a flu shot. We will be there. As a family all wearing sleeveless shirts, arms at the ready getting injected with sweet gold. Well Leelah will probably have to thigh it up, but you know what I mean. Let me tell you. I am just now feeling better and John and I were stricken with the flu virus 2 Fridays ago. Holy Chills Batman. That was terrible. TERRIBLE!!!!!! I have not been that ill in a while. I have lost 4 lbs in one week. I'm not complaining, but I love me some food so you know this is bad crap when I tell you that. So bad I had to use the word 'crap'. I can just now smell things- today. I lost my sense of hearing in one ear- so I feel you Callie although not to that extent- and lost my sense of smell. I threw up like I was in elementary school. People offered to meet us at Freebirds for dinner one night- I said no. For days my voice sounded like the Scream movie "hello Sydney" voice. Scary. John and I died. It was again- TERRIBLE!!! Leelah became a "re-flu-gee" and was banished to the land of grandparents- Huntsville for a whole weekend. She loved it! Thank you Nana and Poppa! So the moral of the story is when someone asks you if you want a flu shot say YES!!!!! Even if you are getting eye surgery the next day- JUST DO IT!!!

Now please to enjoy random pics...

You's a big fine crochet hook won't you back that stitch up! Thank you Mindee queen of things awesome- for teaching Tina my homegirl and I how to crochet!!! That was way fun lookin' all "smarmy" and such!

This is a pic of Leelah with Mr. Andrew and sweet baby Elizabeth- she is BEAUTIFUL! We met up with them and Ms. Becky and Mr. Bruce a while back at the wonderful Freebirds.

This awesome pout lip was captured by aforementioned Mr. Andrew Grohmann- it is an awesome shot!

Leelah pre-church time.


Ashley Sumners said...

That is a GREAT pout-lip picture! So cute! I'm sorry y'all have been all sick and dead and stuff. I'm glad you're better!

Tina said...

Oh my, those pics are awesome of Leelah! Girl, that crochet day was somethin'. I guess we can make a song out of anything when you give a shout-out to Juvenile (aka Cash Money Millionaire)! "Back that stitch up!" Glad you are on the mend from the flu. But, just know this: Cory got the flu shot this year, and he STILL got the flu.