Friday, February 20, 2009

Life-changing Books

I love me some readin'! Yo, I like to read! So I've got a list here of a couple of books that really helped me get through some rough patches and or that I thought were just the "bomb-diggity". Enjoy and please share with me your favorites!

- The Bible by God- Okay had to be done. I love my New International Version Student Bible. I also have a friend who has a life application Bible which is a great one as well. John has 2 and one is from Half Price and we think it's from a hotel. It's all good!
- 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper Fantastic read! I HIGHLY recommend this book for anybody that is going through immense suffering and or has lost someone they love. It really puts where we are ultimately headed into perspective and shows you what you have to look forward to and not fear. I love this book! Thank you Mom and Dad in loves!
- Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren Jesus loves me yes I know for the Bible tells me so- and so does this book. I recommend it for a devotional and for people just beginning their walk with Jesus.
- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (right?) Yeah, you think you got drama going on until you read this! Thank you Stratford!
- Heaven by Randy Alcorn Okay I'm still reading this but it's so good I'm putting it on here in faith that it will be good all the way through. The most detailed book I've read about Heaven and New Earth. Again, gets you excited for the future to come and helps you wrap your head around where your loved ones passed away or graduated to.
- 365 Days of Hope by Nancy Guthrie - Wow, this book is also for people grieving and remembering loved ones but it is a daily devotional. This book is incredible. It has helped me get through the hardest time of my life. It allows me to see reasons for the suffering and it gives me Hope just like the name infers. A must read for anyone again who is going through grief. Thank you Brooke Galbincea!
- 365 TV free activities for your child- This was a great little find in Half Price the other day! You don't have to buy a whole mess of stuff to keep kids busy and having fun- that's what I enjoy about it. A little blessing of a
book indeed!
- Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey- Dave outlines his plan which involves 6 "Baby Steps" to getting rid of your debt. It came with software too that helped us make a real, live budget. Since last Feb. we've paid off $4000 in debt and that's not including my medical expenses! But the best part about it is that John and I are now on the same page about money. Money is usually a catalyst in division in marriages, so I am so thankful to the Lord for this study and easy plan to follow. We even do the envelope system and it totally works. Thanks Belue's and Richardson's for the class study on it!

Again, I would love to hear any book rec's. Pass 'em on!


The Smiths said...

WE love to read around here as well! I'll have to check your recs out.
Some of our favorites:
When Sinners Say I Do
Sacred Marriage & Sacred Parenting
Shepherding a Child's Heart

Sharyn said...

A book that was truly a fascinating read to me was The Birth Order Book. It was very interesting not only to gain insight about my kiddos, but also myself. I just finished it a few weeks back. I'll definately check out some of your recommendations.