Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break-a-Thon Part 2

This time it's personal!

So after Leelah woke up from her Sea World nap she said in a daze, "Another show??" This was in the parking lot. We were not about to be going back in. Sorry kid, love ya but we gotta get our grub on. Or try to...
So we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which was fine until Gillian "diva'd" out and had to leave because I'm allergic to smoke. Note to self: don't eat in any restaurant that has "bar and grill" in the name. Just like John and I's honeymoon, I'm now sick from the 20 min of smoke received in the non-smoking section. Yeah, I'm a little on the high maintenance side but don't want to be. It's health issues.

So we headed on over to IHOP, "the pancake place" where we waited for another hour for our funny face pancakes. It wasn't even crowded. We threatened to leave in a nice way and got free fruit. We weren't trying to be hatin' it's just that my baby's gotta eat!!! We finally made it home that night at 12:30. We had to stop at Buc-ee's and eat some ice cream of the future- Dippin' Dots- but isn't it ice cream of the past now? Seriously.

Next Day: Tuesday (forgot the St. Patrick's completely) RODEO DAY!

John had never been and now wants to go everyday. Funny part- we were starving before we got there (notice a pattern?) so I begged John to take us to Freebirds since "they only have bbq at the Rodeo!" and so we made the special trip to F'birds. What is the FIRST sign we notice once we get to the Rodeo? FREEBIRDS. Dang it. Yeah I had to literally eat my words. Leelah absolutely LOVED the petting zoo, but the carnival not so much. Too much clown faces and carnies I guess. We're working on her.

Hey I have a good idea! Let's put our daughter in the middle of a John Deere Tractor Wheel? Okay Sounds good!

The Agventure part was really great. Educational and fun - a parent's dream! We saw newly hatched chicks, newly birthed calves, a big ol' longhorn (Hissss!) and bulls, a huge flemish rabbit, and the petting zoo All kinds of fun! Leelah did have to be restrained from feeding the pets their own habitat straw. "No Leelah that's for what they lay on!" and "No Leelah that's poop!!!"

And what happened when she got to rollin' in her stroller too late again?

She got tuckered out!
Thank you Jesus for this glorious family time! John's the man- we had so much fun with him taking some time off! What a blessing he is to our hearts. He's also the funniest person I know. Popcorn + John for 2 days = best times ever! I like hyperboles!


Anonymous said...

Too fun!! I love the pics! Especially the one of her looking at the baby chic!! She was plum tuckered!

Becky said...

Wow - Sea mammals and land mammals - what an awesome Spring Break! Y'all's pictures are so funny. The last picture with Leelah's head buried in her chest is hilarious! I can't wait until Elizabeth is old enough to go to the Rodeo. Maybe next year? She'll be 15 months by then.

Ashley Sumners said...

Does that "no bar and grill" restriction include Chili's... 'cuz that's just wrong.
Those are some great pictures. Especially the tire and that tiny tiny animal. Looks like fun!