Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Envelope from Heaven

Lately friends I've been extra soul-searchy. I don't know if it's that it's now 2009 and that while the number was still 2008 I could still have some part of my dad being near. I know that trying to hold onto a loved one through a year doesn't make sense. All this being said, God wants me to share about a gift that was given to my family. I know he wants me to since I hear his whisper in my heart about it frequently.

This past week I had to do something I was dreading. Clean out my catch-all basket in my kitchen. Catch-alls. Seriously a love/hate item aren't they? Do I need to hold on to a coupon for a store that's gone out of business? Or to a gift card with 83 cents on it? Or how about that crumpled up party favor object? I mean I know we're on Dave Ramsey but sheesh. But the thing I was really dreading was my 2008 planner. I knew it was in there. I knew what it said. I knew the blank spot I had left on May 29th, 2008. I knew all these things and I also knew that God wanted me to look through it to see whatever he wanted me to see. For those of you who "plan" try looking back at your yearly planners once in a while for a nice make you think moment. It's funny to see how important some things were back then when they really weren't and vice versa.

So I perused the planner of doom and it really took me back. I plan on posting dates of importance in a blog as sort of a I don't know really- look back? We'll see if I can go through with it. I'm a person that has a hard time with sadness. I'm still on the whole "Let's watch Family Matters while eating inside a Pizza Hut on Friday night" kick. If we're lucky we can play on the table that is also an arcade machine- remember those - I know you do!! I really want to live in a world of sunshine and Freebirds but can't! Well, not all the time.

Point of story: A week before my dad passed away on May 29th we received an unmarked envelope from our pastor at church. He claimed it was on his desk and that he was supposed to give it to us. I guess there was a post-it note or something. Unclear on this. He gave it to us and we didn't even open it until we got home and were on the couch hanging out with my dad. At this time my dad and mom lived with us since they had to sell their house due to medical expenses from the cancer surgeries, hospital stays, etc. My dad couldn't walk since he had his hip broken from cancer that was on the bone. He had it surgically repaired, had the radiation and we thought he was on the mend. He had started to lose massive amounts of weight and would cough a lot. We thought he had bronchitis or worse pneumonia. We had no idea at the time that the cancer had spread to every organ he had and that this was one of the last times we'd be with him on earth. So you can imagine our shock when we opened the envelope to find $1000 in cash. We were so confused. Why us? I can't remember who said that God told someone to put that into our envelope. This statement was completely true. I remember my dad saying "What are we going to use this for?" I mean they had some bills from the hip surgeon, the brain surgeon, the oncologist, but was that what we should use it on? We honestly didn't know at the time that it would cover the valet trips of us being at the hospital that next week and also my dad's funeral proceedings. I know it's a monetary gift, but to us it was the gift of someone trusting God to use them to help someone. That someone being us and it helped us greatly at the time.

I don't know the name of who gave us the money, all I know is that they were an 'earthly angel' following a voice from the Lord in their heart. I thank God for them and I ask the Lord for ears to hear his voice so that I may too be an earthly angel.

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