Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dancing with the Engineers

John and I tore it up at his office Christmas Party this past Friday! We had an absolute blast coming up with crazy What If situations and laughing. We got all gussied up and this is what happened: extreme goofiness. Sure things all started out cordial and fancy, but as ush we took it to crazytown U.S.A. Lots of fun.
I snapped instead of sung to Carly Simon's You're SO Vain- what? Yeah who chose that!? I would much prefered "Lady Lumps" or something fun.

We also did the "Whiteman's Overbite". John shredded on the air quitar for which I have a pic however our external hardrive is not cooperating. John you are free from embarrassment. This time!


Tina said...

U so crazy! That is so funny that we both used "gussied up". Ya look good girl! Ya'll should have been at our party. We would have had much more fun. Those people needed to relax and get crazy fo shizzle.

Ashley Sumners said...

Y'all are nuts. Have I mentioned how much I love your hair? Because I do.

megandianne said...

man... that's how i know john the best.... i met him performing on the air guitar at Howdy Camp 2001... man i wanna see that picture!!

btw... you look marvelous!