Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Oh boy. Would you believe me if I told you we had an answer? Yeah I wouldn't either. So many doctors have said things: maybe MS- finally ruled out, maybe strange retina disease- neuro-opth said no, auto-immune disorder- endocrinologist said no, etc. But today the spots finally were visible to the doctor. WHAT!? Yeah I know.

Today we saw an incredible retina vitreous doc- Dr. Holz. He is the standby surgeon I had in case the back of my eye got whack during the lensectomy/lens implant. He told me 2 months ago that if the streaks bothered me after surgery to come back. Of course as crazy as I am I called his go to lady 2 wks after surgery just to get in today. And let me tell you friends I was like a woman in a white princess outfit hologram "Help me Dr. Holz, you're my only hope." Star Wars? Come on people.

He checked the gel. I've been saying for the past 2 weeks that the left eye was crazy messed up- surgery eye and turns out that gel is going whackadoo on me. He actually saw it this time. Not the right eye. Amazingly enough that eye is doing better. The doc says that it will probably need a vitrectomy if it doesn't clear up in two weeks on it's own since it might be infected. THe problem with eyes is that once they get infected on the inside only vitrectomies can fix them. No drops, no pills. So that's a bummer. Hopefully it will clear up. RIght now it looks like Alfred Hitchcock's Birds in my left eye which has been the worst yet! Ugh! What really stinks is that we would not get to go to Oregon if they did the surgery in December since you can't fly after that procedure for some time. So prayers that this goes away on its own please! For now we're off to dine at Ciro's a wonderful Italian fave place of mine in Houston.


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Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had lunch today in Cartwright with Grandmother, Mike, Carol, Mary Ann, Walter, Katie, Uncle Warren, Aunt Lois, Justin, Scott, Beth, Sarah, Daniel and Rachel. Also there were members of Walter's family (two brothers with family and his dad). Good food, too much food, more food and lots of fun. We miss you guys. I heard a lot about Leelah and look forward to seeing her again. Hope all is well with y'all.

Adena, Guy, Julie