Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Nail Polish

Today was endocrinologist appt #2 or the "Pay $35.00 to read the fall issue for Better Homes and Gardens Mag". What did I learn today- absolutely nothing. I learned that my hulking out period after they tell me "I don't know what's wrong with you" has decreased from 2 hrs to 1 hr. So that's good. I got a pretzel at Sam's today thinking that would help. Course I should have known that when they have to go to the back room to get it - it won't be good. Oh well. The fountain coke was awesome. The worst part about the appt was when I told the doctor "Well, I still can't drive." and hearing her reply of "That must really be frustrating." WHAT!?!?! ARE YOU STINKIN' KIDDING ME? Oh well. People have it so much worse bless their hearts. So I can't see to drive. Big flippin' deal. I've learned patience which you need while others are driving you everywhere and I'm so not a backseat driver anymore.

By the way for those of you interested (which is probably just family and I'm cool with that) I made it to 4 days without the HRT pills. That's right, 4. Way to go Gillian! Let's just put it this way, sans hormone replacement = even worse vision + hot flashes + horrible headaches. YIKES. Yeah, I'm not a good candidate. Placebo my face. Those things work! I don't care who says that!

So off to try my attempt at beef meatball bolognese or stroganoff or something Semi- Homemade- Love you Sandra Lee! Well actually I'm so dang jealous of you I could spit! Your drapes always match and you're too pretty for words. But seriously though we love her show. And then I'm painting my toes red, because I'm a girl dang it and that's why God gave us toe nails.

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Tina said...

I think docs should run their clinics like a Customer Service desk. If what they say doesn't help, you should get a full refund! And you should get a discount for dealing with rude staff. OK...off my soapbox now. Enjoy your painted toenails!!!