Friday, November 7, 2008

Through My Eyes

Thank you Ashley for the idea- I was actually thinking of doing this for the doctors. This is a picture what my vision or eyes see. These are the "streaks, seaweed, spots, lines, squiggles" I deal with constantly. Except they are moving all around all the time. Pretty crazy huh? Yesterday we were at the medical center from 1 pm to 7pm. It was a long and hard day. Very emotional. After seeing the first doc I learned I'm healing well but have maybe a month more to go before it's healed completely. Although he did say he wasn't sure since "I'm like no other patient" they've had and had to have the "Big guns" surgery to fix my lens in place. I asked him if I missed my what to expect after surgery packet- he told me there is no packet for my condition. My vision decreased in the lefty and is now foggy due to a coating the body put on the lens. Will have laser surgery to remove it later.

The right eye......... Oh golly. Well the next doc we saw (new one- number 8 I think for opthamologist) said it's NOT the gel. Great. So no vitrectomy? Maybe. Those procedures are REALLY risky for someone like me with dislocated lenses. Then he asked to see my drawing- first time someone wanted to see it! After looking at it he quickly changed course into getting me into to see the new neuro-opthomalogist (yeah I should really learn how to spell that). He is now thinking I have some INSANELY rare retinal disease. Will have expensive bloodwork done to further study... Some immune problems are entailed. SO I don't know folks... Enjoy the drawing! God's working this out for me and I am happy to move on to the next doctor as I am quickly becoming the Baylor Eye Clinic's most freaky deaky patient! Love it!


Ashley Sumners said...

Thanks for the drawing! It's easier to understand now. Congratulations on being a rare specimen! I'll continue praying for you and your wonky eyes! They'll figure it out!

jenna said...

Gillian! I've been reading your blog and praying for you. Thanks for the updates and I am praying for your recovery.. in Bible study we are reading about the blind men in Matthew who knew who Jesus was without even being able to see him, and I thought about you! :) Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Love you lots!

Lezlie said...

The drawing was a great idea...for the doctor and all your followers. Praying for God's resolution.