Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As the eye turns...

Googly-Moogly here (Snickers commercials anyone!?) reporting on eyes' statuses. If it's Thursday it must be medical center... So this Thursday I'm actually headed to the new location for the Baylor Eye Clinic, which unfortunately is nowhere near Freebirds on Shepherd. Hissss! I will be seeing lens doc and retina doc. Possibly getting an actual prescription for the lefty and possibly scheduling surgery for the righty. Oh no, my right eye just jumped out upon reading the surgery remark. COME BACK!!! Oh well. I will look into having the vitrectomy (eye goo removal- gross) which would hopefully stop the streaks/seaweed/spaghetti vision in that eye. I'm still seeing blurry foggyness, and I'm finally realizing upon talking to a fellow one-eyed friend that this might actually be causing my neurological discomforts. I mean think about it- if your eyes are messed up you're going to feel crummy. I'm not complaining- I'M JUST SAYIN' IS ALL!
We probably won't schedule the surgery until Jan since me and the fam are going to Oregon in Dec. That's right, Oregon. Hope I don't shoot all the buffalo or come down with some fever on the way! (I also enjoyed Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and GeoSafari).
That's all my eyes' news. Thanks for the prayers! Please keep Kenzie Stanfield - see "Stanfield Journey" on blog list in your prayers as she is patiently waiting the remainder of her pregnancy and the arrival of her baby girl Faith Clare in the hospital. Thank you!

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Ashley Sumners said...

You need to do one of those one minute Microsoft Paint drawings of what your vision looks like from your perspective so we can understand it.