Monday, August 11, 2008

Warning Deep Thinking Below....

So we were all sitting down and having yet another sad attempt at my chicken Parmesan (I followed the box I swear it!) when we started again about the God paradox. It is not a paradox to us since we are believers and are confident and live by His Word, however we must be able to fully counter this "paradox" in order to spread the Good News.
What is the "God paradox"- it's basically this: Why does your benevolent God let bad things happen to good people? and that whole argument.
As a seemingly "good" person who's just experienced the horrible, life devestating event of my father's passing, I believe I can now attempt at answering this. Although we will NEVER fully be able to understand anything God does fully. He is not in the answers business as Dr. Young has said.
My attempt at an answer: We are NOT in Heaven yet my friends. We are on Earth. It's simple. Although I do not overtly commit bad deeds I, as everyone else, am a sinner. I'm human = a sinner. I can say that now without pride getting in the way. I screw up constantly. The Good News: I'm a confessed Christ follower ---> perfect in His eyes --->will spend eternity with Him, my father, family, friends in Heaven. So how do I justify what happen to my dad. Why did he suffer so horrendously?
First of all- I cannot justify it. I can only trust in God's plans because I KNOW they are perfect and not some hairbrained idea I'm coming up with.
I'm trying so hard to make sense..
John and I believe that God saved my dad through his suffering. God took away his ability to walk (broken femur/hip from cancer in the bone) so that my dad could get close to God. We witnessed to him and ultimately he became a born again believer with the help of my mom and everyone's prayers. It wasn't until he was stricken with this cancer that he realized what we all must one day - "I can't do this on my own."
In the realization that my dad had cancer again I also realized my biggest fear had finally come true. I had to put my new found Christianity to the ultimate earthly test. I had to trust. I went through the whole "bad thing to good person" and watched my mom go through it as well. I'm not going to lie to you. I think of his suffering every day. I think of how I told him he was going to make it. I feel that pain constantly. But I know one thing for sure. He's in Heaven with working legs, a happy heart and a clean bill of health with Jesus. He was saved a month before he graduated from this world to the better world.

So what have we determined - that we don't know anything except the Word and its truth. That we must experience trials to have our Christianity and faith sharpened and grown. "We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of Heaven." -Acts 14:22. That God sheds tears when we do.

I know this is deep and worthy of more than a blog. My heart is filled with this mission to let others know a way to ultimate peace in their hearts. For me to experience peace at the saddest point in my life is truly the work and love of the Lord. Thank you for reading.

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