Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wake me up before you neu-ro...

Today was nuts.

Didn't know I signed up for a torturing. I'm talkin' dark ages y'all! It wasn't that bad. I'm a little dramatic about it, but it did involve needles and shocking to test my nerves and muscles. How did I do? Ehhh.... Well I have carpal tunnel in my right hand? What? I know. Boring. And my nerves are "slow". What does that mean? No clue. Do I care? Not really. But I did learn one thing. If someone asks you if you have to use the restroom before they do a test- BE SCARED! I was very confused. I did ask him if my results were normal and he said "No". Oh well. At this point nothing fazes/phases? me. I just think it's fun to add to the "Where in the Medical Center is Gillian Nichols?" (Carmen Sandiego reference).

MRI will be done either tomorrow or next week. Will see the neuro again on Friday as he is concerned with something and wants to "put the pieces together". It appears I was leaning when I thought I was holding still. Weird. Pretty sure he is going to tell me that my results are: I'm officially dumb now and that I present signs of Classic dumbness.

On a good note: Leelah is still the sweetest, most fun child in the world and even through the headaches, nausea, and overall crummyness I feel like I'm so blessed. Really! I have no problems! And John is the best hubby. He makes me laugh every day. And I'm so glad my Mom can live with us. She adds such joy and strength to our world. Things are good!

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Mom Nichols said...

We love you Gillian and we are praying for you. God will carry you through this hard time and provide the answers you need. You are so precious to us!

Mom Nichols