Friday, August 29, 2008

My True Story about Ninjas at Evans Library

Got a funny story for ya Ags! WHOOP!

John told me tonight on our coffee/sugar overdose night that I should write some stories of old that are funny and completely unbelievable. They happened for real. Here's one of my favorites...

It involves my old DG partner from T-Camp 2002- Charlie- wherever you are (law school?) I miss you man. We were outside of Evans Library one night chatting about this and that for camp and life when out of no where- very stealthlike- a group of about 7 ninjas walking with a purpose walked by us and into Evans Library. YES. You read that right- NINJAS. I'm talkin' fully outfitted in ninja black wear- with masks and walking in "V" all unison-like. It was such a crazy, perfect timing moment. So naturally Charlie and I decided to follow them. I mean, come on. NINJAS PEOPLE! But the weird or totally normal for ninjas thing was they were very hard to follow and we couldn't keep up. I think they went down or up the stairs. It was all so stealth like, which meant they were real and trained probably by Liam Neeson in Nepal like in Batman Begins. Which means that it was probably a good thing we didn't catch up with them b/c they so would have hurled some gaslike poison in our faces. Charlie, if you are out there and reading this I'm sorry I didn't do it justice. Charlie has skills- writing skills. Oh man. What did those Ninjas want? Or who(m)? Subsequently, Charlie and I found many amusing books about metallurgy and corn fields and stumbled upon the G.I.F.T.S. Department. Lots of strange underground happenings in Aggieland and we were in on it. Will update the blog with more crazy happened to me stories. They're real I promise.


megandianne said...

i totally love that idea... i have some stories about mr. nichols "singing" into a microphone with an air guitar... camp morgan... take that rewind it back!

Ashley Sumners said...

That's great! Why have I never heard that story? That must have happened while we were sideys! I definitely look forward to hearing more Crazy Stories From The Life of Gillian!