Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Eye I can't see Drama....

So. Yuck. Yesterday was HORRIBLE. The only answer I got was more confusion. Now considering Oklahoma travel for more doctors' opinions. The 3 docs I've seen and YES I got dialated AGAIN yesterday- NOT GOOD- they have no clue why I was born with dislocated lenses since I don't fit the skeletal stereotype of Marfans or the other 5 diseases associated with the problem. Meanwhile, still having problems with speech and nausea so I'm visiting my regular doc today where I will most likely have neuro tests run. Please pray they find something to fix what is going on. Still don't know what the streaks and crazy dots I see in the right eye are- this is the most annoying part!!!! Hating to blogvent! Anyways. We are still on the road to answers which might postpone surgeries. Since the surgeons can't agree on where to put the lenses in on my eye and you can't redo things like eye surgery we have to get the right answer. There's a great center for eye surgery in Oklahoma- we are looking (literally)into that. But seriously, all I want is some dang Freebirds and no more dialating.

Here's why dialating one: doesn't happen hardly and two: hurts.
My lenses have adhesions- fancy word for strands that shouldn't be there. The iris (brown/colored part) rest on them which is what should dialate but can't due to the adhesions. What happens then? My eyes basically have to tear apart each time they do this and it takes sevral hours for the pupils to reach even normal sized pupils and they never dialate fully (my pupils are pinhead sized all the time). They have to use the strongest drops they have (usually found by going in some torture vault- and using them a total of 4-5 times. This gets a lot of googly old people staring when they come in the dialating waiting room and re-drop my eyes. Then once they enlarge they don't go down for several days. So I have to look "cool" and go "superstar" by wearing sunglasses out in public constantly.

Will give more details as the drama unfolds. You know it ain't easy being cheesy.

Lots of love, The Pirate- will work on a pirate name.

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jenna said...

Praying for you. :( I'll eat some Freebirds for you if you want.