Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The end of one story the beginning of another.

Tomorrow Johnicles and I will head down to a CPS office to read the infamous "Redacted Report" of our precious little one.

What is this pray tell?

It's an 800-900 page document citing her history (All 14 months of it) as well as any info of her bio family that is deemed as important for us to know. All of the names that we do not need to know are blacked out/redacted. And it's a major step - required to be completed prior to finalizing and signing the adoption placement papers.

And it's gonna be kind of hard. Scratch that, real hard. Coming out of the Target -Popcorn- What Errands- Need- to- Be- Run- Oh- Golly- I- Don't- Know -What- to- Have- for- Dinner- Bubble- Hard. Prayers are appreciated and welcomed and cherished by us.

Because that is a family tree that is broken, but to God not irreparable. Will you believe with me what His Word says,  "with God all things are possible...?" - Matthew 19:26

And hey, I'm not saying our family tree is perfect either. No one's is. But thank you Lord for the gift of Your Mighty Gardening Hands that can graft this little sapling on to our tree.

He is changing the story.

We think of this as Annie's Choose Your Own Adventure story and we are turning the page to page 83, where we God rescues her and brings her home to us to live with us forever.

Yes, it could have been the other page option a very, very hard life in terrible conditions. Can God still prevail? Um, He already has in that situation and others like it and in this one!

I'm so thankful for this gift. It's been very hard. I'm not going to say it hasn't been. It's only for those that God has called. And honestly, I believe that to be all Christians. I know that is bold to say. But the Word says we are called to look after the orphans and widows, does it not?

I know God has changed my story too. I'm so glad for that.

Praying for all that God has called to consider being a part of your own adoption story. God can use you too, you just need to get a little dirty in His garden.

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William Cumby said...

I will be praying for you also